You can make the choice to call off the search for the best in favour of a search for the good enough. Photograph: iStock

If you’re facing into a college course, work project or relationship with the intention of being the world’s greatest student, worker or partner, you (...)

“The number of evening and weekend courses available from September is uncountable but choose courses or events on the basis of interaction between people.”

Hope and fear are the watchwords, I think, at this time of year when colleges open their doors to students, many for the first time. On the surface t(...)

 A woman checks her phone  on the opening day of the annual Appleby Horse Fair, in   north-west England. For today’s children and young teenagers, the smartphone is just something that has been around for as long as they have. Photograph: Oli Scarff/AFP/Getty

We live in an era, as Voltaire wrote in 1736, of new pleasures and new needs. Most of us would see the smart phone as a manifestation of this in our t(...)

We spend a lot of time figuring out who other people are. Then we spend a lot of time confirming that they are who we think they are

“Daddy, for God’s sake!” The words were spoken by an adult daughter to a father who was in the full of his health but whom she was, in fact, rebuking (...)

I know today that walking in a ‘green’ area   can lift your mood. Photograph:  iStock

It is often impossible to know why one memory should persist over another. Why should I remember every autumn walking around the roads of Dublin 4 try(...)

Could Brexit be bad for your mental and physical health? Apart from a feeling of sadness, most of us, I think, have looked on Brexit as a weird realit(...)

Almost any woman you would meet by chance, she asserts, would make a better husband than almost any man ever born, according to English actor Ellen Terry. Photograph: iStock

“Know a man for 15 minutes and you know him for life, he will never surprise you again, he wouldn’t know how to; asking would only frighten him.” Thi(...)

When thinking about a problem, it’s helpful to ask what was the exception – in other words when did you not have the problem? Photograph: iStock

He had been on a summer holiday but had lost much of his hoped-for relaxation to thoughts about past disappointments and future anxieties. Drinking ch(...)

Reduction in stress produces a mental and emotional space to identify choices that could improve working life. File photograph: Getty

We have a tendency to misunderstand stress, even though it is one of the defining characteristics of our age. Research by Prof Mark Williams at Oxford(...)

The person doing the stonewalling – the silent one – is probably  ‘flooded’ emotionally. Photograph: iStock

If you live in a city it’s not rare to see couples fighting on the street, unless you happen to dwell in the sort of area where rows go on behind dis(...)

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