Are you a good listener? Perhaps you’re the person in your group of friends that others turn to when they have a problem or need to vent? If so, then (...)

If you’re going to do your talking at home, which is probably easier than doing it in public, you might have to arrange a time when the kids are out of the house or asleep. Photograph: iStock

It’s the conversation a lot of people don’t want to have: the one about what needs to change in a long-term relationship. And it’s very easy for the c(...)

Levels of anxiety and depression among adolescents are higher now than they were during the recession. Photograph: iStock

During the past seven years we have come through a recession, yet levels of anxiety and depression among adolescents are higher than they were then. (...)

Dopamine fasting means cutting out anything that gets you motivated or excited.

A recent trip by bus and tram on a cold, grey, dull dog of a day with a dead mobile phone, nothing to read and nothing to write on convinced me that b(...)

Because family patterns can be so strong  it’s well worth working out in advance how to respond if certain things are said or done.

Well, little boy/girl what do you not want for Christmas? There’s a question that wouldn’t be a winner in Santa’s grotto. It’s a question worth askin(...)

More people sought first-time treatment for cocaine abuse than for heroin abuse in Ireland last year

Towards the end of the Celtic Tiger, I came to realise that in workplaces, from health settings to financial services, you could find people using coc(...)

Every parent I’ve personally come across who lives with the children but not with the father of the child is anxious for the father to see them at Christmas. Photograph: iStock

Christmas is approaching fast and with it the need, if you’re a non-resident parent, to make plans for your involvement with the children at that time(...)

Stress is not just unpleasant – it raises your blood pressure and can also end up with the gift of ulcers. Photograph: Getty

“All this stuff about stress,” he said, “is a waste of time. It comes with the territory, and there’s nothing you can do about it.” We were chatting (...)

Cases involving sexual abuse of children have a strong impact, and this impact can become stronger if the staff member is, or becomes, a parent. Photograph: iStock

Emotional trauma is an invisible wound. It can lead people to seek relief in self-medicating and can numb them emotionally. When the trauma isn’t pri(...)

“Every person, even if they regard themselves as submissive, also has drive to power – but experiences can teach you to deny your power.”

When I read about dominatrixes getting into life coaching and personal development, my immediate reaction was that this was a perfect example of the c(...)

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