In the northern hemisphere May tends to be a peak month for suicide

Are people fraying at the edges as we continue the excruciatingly slow dance of lifting the lockdown? Looking at Google search trends the other day I (...)

When will Dublin streets be bustling with crowds of many nationalities again? Photograph: Alan Betson

“The ice is thawing,” a man declared to me from across the road on a blazing hot day last week. He marched on in the direction of the Phoenix Park. I (...)

‘The act of writing it, though, does a good job of turning bad moods into good moods or at least into neutral ones.’ Photograph: iStock

Looking recently over a journal I write each morning I was struck by the way my moods differ, depending on how I view a day that’s essentially the sam(...)

Rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic generally refers to futile activities that take up unwarranted time and effort. Failing to notice that an iceberg is about to sink the ship is a major mistake

Among the doubtful gifts of this down-period is that you get to spend more time mulling over your mistakes. In all probability these are mistakes you’(...)

‘Many people are getting more belonging than, maybe, they ever wanted at the moment.’ Photograph: iStock

During one of US president Donald Trump’s rounds of woman-bashing, the governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer declared that she would be maintaining “a(...)

Higher stress brings higher blood pressure as the body’s fight or flight response kicks in – and that response can be triggered by scary thoughts.

It used to be said that the devil finds work for idle hands to do. Well, never mind the hands – it’s the idle minds you need to look out for. Too muc(...)

Because you’ve nothing else to occupy your attention an annoyance such as a buzzing fly can become more upsetting than it’s worth. Photograph: Getty Images

I was surprised one morning last week by a feeling of pure anger. It reminded me that in the strange situation we are all in now, we can expect feeli(...)

Acceptance or rejection? Acceptance opens the door to action and sometimes that action is life changing. Image: iStock

Acceptance is one of the most curious of human traits. I say curious because it sounds passive, like an attitude that would invite the world to walk (...)

L’Arche community founder Jean Vanier abused women who came to him for spiritual direction.  File photograph:  Tiziana Fabi/AFP via Getty Images

I met Jean Vanier once and was as surprised as others to read reports of his inappropriate sexual activity with a number of women. This seems to have(...)

We wonder what our colleagues, boss, subordinates, children think about us. Photograph: iStock

“I wonder if he ever thinks about me?” The question is asked by a woman in a documentary about people who go missing in Japan (it’s on YouTube as “Jap(...)

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