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Protesters demonstrate in support of Prism whistleblower Edward Snowden outside the US consulate in Hong Kong yesterday. Bobby Yip/Reuters

The controversy over the US’s Prism surveillance programme has thrown new light on the extent to which that country relies on private sector employees(...)

Edward Snowden: The 29-year-old former undercover CIA technical assistant, responsible for one of the biggest leaks about US government surveillance programmes, is hiding in a hotel in Hong Kong.  Photograph: AP/the Guardian

SIMON CARSWELL Edward Snowden was so concerned about being spied on that he lined the door of his hotel room with pillows to prevent eavesdropping and(...)

US president Barack Obama and Chinese president Xi Jinping walk the grounds at the Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands in Rancho Mirage in California on Saturday. Photograph: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

The acid that corroded George W Bush’s presidency was fear – spreading it and succumbing to it. You could see the fear in his eyes, the fear that froz(...)

Edward Snowden, a former CIA technical assistant who was working at the NSA as an employee of defence contractor Booz Allen Hamilton, is in a hotel in Hong Kong after leaving the United States with secret documents, according to the Guardian. Photograph: Reuters/Ewen MacAskill/The Guardian/
US data spying leaker identified
  • US
  • June 10, 2013, 01:00

A 29-year-old contractor at the US National Security Agency revealed top secret US surveillance programmes to alert the public to what is being done i(...)

Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) in Cheltenham. The Guardian newspaper has reported that GCHQ has been secretly gathering intelligence from the secret programme involving the internet companies code-named PRISM and has had access to the system since at least June 2010.

By Karlin LillingtonFew who follow the ongoing, often vociferous international debate about the proper balance between protecting society and guardin(...)

US National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden, an analyst with a US defence contractor, is seen in this still image taken from a video during an interview with the Guardian in his hotel room in Hong Kong. The 29-year-old contractor at the NSA revealed top secret US surveillance programmes to alert the public of what is being done in their name. Photograph: Ewen MacAskill/The Guardian/Reuter

A former CIA employee working as a contractor at the US National Security Agency has identified himself as the man who had leaked details of a top sec(...)

Back from perpetual war
  • US
  • May 27, 2013, 01:00

In promisng a strategic reappraisal and repositioning of the US war on terrorism, President Obama argued he was marking an important crossroads(...)

US president Barack Obama has offered his most vigorous public defence of drone strikes, describing them as legal, effective and necessary. (...)

The killing of  Anwar al-Awlaki was the first, and only, publicly known case in which a US citizen was deliberately targeted for killing by drone strike. Photograph: US Navy/Jeffrey S Viano/Reuters

The US government has formally acknowledged for the first time that it had killed four Americans, including militant cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, wh(...)

Ryan Ackroyd, one of four men who had pleaded guilty for their involvement in a series of high-profile cyber attacks in 2011, puts out a cigarette before returning to Southwark Crown Court for sentencing in London. Photograph: Luke MacGregor/Reuters

Some of the longest ever jail sentences for hacking have been handed down to four British members of the international computer hackers’ gang L(...)

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