Will Hickey in action for St Michael’s during the 2020 Leinster Cup. Photograph: Bryan Keane/Inpho

Impressive Hickey Former age-grade Irish internationals enjoyed some notable achievements over the weekend in a European rugby context. Will Hickey (...)

Prof Amy Brown’s latest book is different as it takes a deeper look at how women feel when breastfeeding doesn’t work out for them.

This summer, The Irish Times will offer tips, advice and information for parents on how to help their children thrive during the holiday mon(...)

The final scoreboard tells a sorry tale following  France’s routing of Wales in the Six Nations. Photograph: Damien Meyer/AFP/Getty

The Women’s Six Nations kicked off last weekend amid a fanfare. The news that the competition would become a standalone event was welcomed by sports(...)

Parents and guardians should keep other factors in mind besides academic achievement when choosing a school for their child. Photograph: iStock

Click here to download the full 2020 Feeder School tables Critics of feeder school data contend that there is so much more to a school than(...)

A computerised image of Megalodon swimming  after a pod of dolphins. Photograph: Corey Ford/iStock

The entire size of a prehistoric mega-shark made famous in Hollywood films has been revealed in a new study. Previously only the length of the Otodus(...)

There are people who, at great risk and personal cost to themselves, enable us to go on believing in humanity. We can and should support them. Photograph: Getty Images

Kamand Kojouri is an Iranian woman living in Wales. She teaches at Swansea University and is a published author. Her latest book, a selection of her p(...)

“Parents and schools pay a lot of attention to feeder school lists, and therefore they are massively important.” Photograph: iStock

“Misleading” and “unidimensional” or “hugely popular with parents” and “radical and left wing”? As ever, the publication of today’s feeder school lis(...)

Prof Michael Draper of Swansea University has published a report on the sharp rise in “essay mills”. His research indicates that as many as one in seven recent graduates may have paid someone to undertake an assignment for them.

Academic cheating using online “essay mills” is posing a significant threat to the integrity of higher education, the State body responsible for polic(...)

Aerial view of the Larsen C ice rift in Antarctica. Photograph: AFP/Nasa/Swansea University.

One of the largest icebergs on record has broken away from an ice shelf in Antarctica, scientists have announced. Researchers who have been monitorin(...)

Rather than seeing breast as best, Dr Amy Brown, author of ‘Breastfeeding Uncovered’, argues that breast is normal. Illustration: iStock

Believing that breast is best is not enough to change Ireland’s position as the country with one of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world. Neit(...)

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