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“I think the most important thing we can do is to really learn the lessons for the future and the lessons he lays out quite clearly,”prime minister David Cameron said. Photograph: PA wire

Prime minister David Cameron said the government needed to learn the lessons from what went wrong in the build-up to Britain’s joining the invasion of(...)

Sir John Chilcot presents The Iraq Inquiry Report at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in Westminster in London on 6th July, 2016. The Chilcot Inquiry, chaired by Sir John Chilcot, examines the circumstances surrounding the British Governments involvement in the 2003 Iraq War. Photograph: Jeff J Mitchell/EPA

Sir John Chilcot unveiled his scathing report into the Iraq war on Wednesday morning. Ministers, from former prime minister Tony Blair downwards, Wh(...)

Saddam Hussein and Tony Blair: By the time Blair visited George W Bush at his estate in Crawford, Texas, in April 2002, British thinking about Iraq had hardened. Intelligence chiefs told Blair that Saddam could not be removed without an invasion but that Iraq must disarm or be disarmed.

The language of Sir John Chilcot’s report is cool and restrained but its import is devastatingly clear, for Tony Blair, his cabinet colleagues and Bri(...)

The report into the build-up, handling and aftermath of the 2003 Iraq war has found that judgments about the severity of the threat posed by Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction were presented with a certainty that was not justified.

The long-awaited official report into Britain’s involvement in the Iraq war has delivered a scathing verdict on British government ministers’ justific(...)

File photo dated 19/11/03 of former British prime minister Tony Blair (right) alongside former US President George Bush. Photograph: Fiona Hanson/PA Wire

An official inquiry into Britain’s role in the Iraq War will finally deliver its findings onWednesday, seven years after it was set up, with attentio(...)

Former British prime minister Tony Blair leaves his office in London, Britain. Photograph: Neil Hall/Reuters

Thirteen years after the start of a war which left Iraq in ruins, the region destabilised and tens of thousands dead, Britain will today learn the ans(...)

After a referendum campaign that fails to catch fire, voters will choose to stay in the EU. Photograph: Toby Melville/PA Wire

The ancients believed that forecasts were an affront to the gods. But we are impudent postmoderns now: we can venture a speculative account of Britain(...)

Members of the Free Syrian Army.  Cameron believes there are 70,000 pairs of suitable Syrian boots on the ground. Robert Fisk reckons 70 might be nearer the mark. Photo: Tomas Munita/The New York Times

David Cameron was following patriotic precedent in backing Turkey against Russia following the downing of a Russian aircraft on the Turkish-Syrian bor(...)

File photograph of Tony Blair and former US president George Bush in the Azores in 2003. Photograaph: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Former British prime minister Tony Blair has apologised for aspects of the Iraq War, sparking claims of attempted “spin” ahead of the Chilcot Inquiry (...)

George Bush and Tony Blair: the material includes 25 notes from the British prime minister  to the US president and more than 130 records of conversations. Photograph: Reuters

Sensitive extracts of exchanges between Tony Blair and George Bush in the run-up to the Iraq war are to be published, although the full versions will (...)

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