Health Month

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Now might be the time to request a meeting with your boss and float the idea of working from home one or two days a week

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new decade. As on the first day of school, we are all determined never to blot our copybooks, vowing to stay o(...)

Ensure your first few training sessions are enjoyable, positive and well within your fitness limits.

If you have just finished a great running year then I’m sure you are already planning your next challenge and feeling excited about what lies ahead in(...)

Intermittent fasting diets: Skipping breakfast and morning snacks and  eating between 12pm and 8pm seems to be a popular choice. Photograph: iStock

Have you enjoyed the festivities so far? Hopefully, a soupçon of hedonism hasn’t gone amiss, with more to come on New Year’s Eve. January i(...)

Almost all of us begin losing some muscle mass and strength by early middle age, with the process accelerating as the decades pass. Photograph: iStock

Regular exercise throughout adulthood may protect our muscles against age-related loss and damage later, according to a new study of lifelong athletes(...)

Eat-Lancet Commission: its study recommends we eat 90 per cent less red meat. Photograph: iStock/Getty

Less meat in our diets would be BETTER FOR the planet and our fellow inhabitants. But MEAT AND MILK dominate Irish agriculture. Something has t(...)

Smartphones are now so common that one study has estimated 2.71 billion people worldwide will have smartphones this year.

Smartphones have become a necessary and ever-present part of life for most people. They’re taken out in doctor’s surgeries, stared at on public transp(...)

It’s possible psilocybin drugs could soon be part of a psychiatrist’s armoury.  Photograph: iStock

Down an Irish country lane in a secluded private home, men and women form two lines. Then, under the Christian Cross of Caravaca, members of the Churc(...)

Seaweed in  Co Galway

January is Health Month in The Irish Times. You can find articles, columns, advice and tips at, as well as in(...)

Burren Yoga

How’s the diet going for you? Right. And the fitness regime? Thought so. If your New Year’s health and fitness regime has run out of puff, never fear(...)

We are not born hating Mondays. We grow to see them as a curtailment of enjoyment, and fill ourselves with dread

All mental health services will tell you that there is a spike in demand for their services in the month of January and on into February. Naming a day(...)

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