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Adult fiction sales surged by 66 per cent last week as readers, even those already equipped with ceiling-high To Be Read piles, replenished their stocks. Photograph: Joel Saget/ AFP/ Getty Images

As cinemas, music venues and theatres nationwide have closed their doors, more books than ever are being opened, even though libraries and bookshops t(...)

Stop right now, thank you very much. Boris Johnson surrenders to another trade speech. Photograph: Frank Augstein / PA

Image of the week: Johnson’s reality Boris Johnson is either channelling his best Eamon Ryan wolf-impression vibe in this picture or he’s about to do(...)

Stephen King: ‘so backward and ignorant you want to go back to bed’? Photograph: Ulf Andersen/Getty

In yet another year of Oscar nominations that saw a paucity of recognition for women and artists of colour, the response has been almost exhausted – a(...)

Slipknot: playing in Ireland to promote latest album We Are Not Your Kind

These men in masks have been hiding their faces for 25 years, but similar to the policy Mike Scott applies to The Waterboys, there has been a swiftly (...)

Nicolas Giacobone hilariously summarises the film industry and awards season

Fans of the movie Birdman will not be surprised that its co-author, Nicolas Giacobone, has written a debut novel full of metafictional twists and turn(...)

Ewan McGregor in Doctor Sleep

Few are the films that have such a dysfunctional relationship with their sources and predecessors.  As you will almost certainly be aware, Doctor(...)

Headless horseman pursuing Ichabod Crane from Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irvine. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Halloween is fast approaching and it’s time to delve back in the origins of Irish traditions and explore how Samhain became Halloween. Irish ghost st(...)

Tina Callaghan

“The girl, the creature, whatever she was, had the baby. She was cradling him in one pale arm, holding him close to her body. She was alien to the cos(...)

Ostrichpillow Light: if you are self-conscious, a sleep mask will suit you better. Photograph: Studio Banana

I remember seeing an Ostrichpillow for the first time. It looked like a bulb of garlic had mated with a football mascot and their spawn had eaten a hu(...)

When Natasha Khan moved to Los Angeles it was to write scripts, but over the course of writing music for television, a new record emerged. The swoony (...)

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