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A local resident observes a large blaze approaching the village of Pefki on Evia island, Greece’s second largest island. Photograph: Angelos Tzortzinis/AFP via Getty

The report this week by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) scared more people than any Stephen King novel, not least (...)

‘Seriously Twitter, in a world in which social media has so much to answer for right now you’ve really got to do better.’ Photograph: Getty

I don’t know about you, but Cormac McCarthy (not) tweeting about kombucha has been the highlight of my summer so far. Sure, that sunny weather for mu(...)

A scene from the new Fear Street films set to premiere on Netflix.

RL Stine may be one of the most successful authors of our era, but, being a modest and amusing fellow, he’d much rather talk about other writers. “I’(...)

Stephen King: ‘I’ve held on to Lisey’s Story the way you hold on to something you love.’ Photograph: Philip Montgomery/New York Times

Dig into a Stephen King novel or watch one of his film adaptations, and life’s joys quickly become life’s terrors. Cars are wicked man traps. Prom is (...)

Some writers use music to infuse their work with whatever mood is carried with it. Photograph: Getty Images

We often wonder what might have been in the head of an author while writing their book. We don’t always imagine it was Metallica. Or Charles Mingus. O(...)

The BBC’s drama series The Pursuit of Love is  television’s third crack at the tale of upper-crust nutters.

Here’s a controversial proposal. Trust nobody who loves a book to give you a reliable assessment of any film or TV series based on that text. “They go(...)

Michael Fitzpatrick with Grainne and John Duddy, who starred in his play Counting Apples

Michael Fitzpatrick, a playwright and journalist from Lucan, Co Dublin, lives in New York with his wife, Mei, a nurse practitioner at a Manhattan hosp(...)

US senator Lindsey Graham: found himself encircled and jeered. Photograph:   Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images)

It was a Republican, vice-president Mike Pence, who most exercised the crowd in the US Capitol last week. It was another, senator Lindsey Graham, who (...)

Z Nation: putting the fun back into the undead

My favourite type of art is “things that are better than they ought to be”. I realised this a few years ago when watching Z Nation, a joyfully silly p(...)

Reading in other languages has allowed me to experience other countries indirectly when I was stuck at home this year. Photograph: Getty Images

The first book I read for pleasure in a foreign language was not a lofty work of literature. It was in German but, despite the fact I was two years in(...)

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