A measure in the July stimulus package provided that companies could warehouse Covid tax debt, deferring payment until their businesses reopened and then availing of reduced interest rates. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Businesses have been granted more time to pay outstanding tax bills to Revenue at a discounted rate of interest. The decision comes as a spokeswoman(...)

Fair Deal is a system of financial support put in place to help cover the cost of private nursing home care in a State where there is very limited public nursing home provision.

I currently live in my 70-year-old father’s house, and have done with my family for the last five years. He still lives in the property and the house (...)

More than 16,000 employers have registered for the Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme (EWSS) over the past week

The Revenue Commissioners have clarified the rules under which small business owners can avail of the new employment wage subsidy scheme (EWSS), follo(...)

A capital loss does not expire. You hold on to it and carry it forward until such time as you have made sufficient capital gains on the sale of other assets to fully offset it

I bought an apartment in 1987 which I still live in. In 2000, I bought a holiday home for €90,000 on which I spent about €70,000 on renovations. Durin(...)

Revenue has not clarified how business would demonstrate such a fall-off in business or prove that it was Covid-related. Photograph: iStock

Companies that do not have their tax affairs up to date will not be able to secure Government help to subsidise staff pay under the new Employment Wag(...)

“If you provide a home rent-free for your dependent parents, then, for the purposes of capital gains tax, it is considered to have the same status as your principal private residence.”

I bought a house in 1997, primarily so that my parents could retire and live there rent-free, though it was also my home for a time. After about six (...)

Revenue said it was aware of fraudulent emails and text messages purporting to come from its office.

Gardaí and Revenue have warned the public not to disclose bank account details over the phone following the discovery of a “vishing” scam, so called b(...)

As Revenue always responds better when people with debts approach it rather than the other way around, I would advise your siblings that they do so before any inheritance is otherwise spent. Photograph: iStock

If a house is sold upon a death and proceeds are left equally between five siblings, but two of the siblings have Revenue and property tax issues, doe(...)

Photograph: iStock.

Apart from €3,000 per year tax free, would a gift of €100,000 to my son today be added to let’s say €350,000 inherited by him on my death and be consi(...)

Revenue has reminded business owners to tidy up any other tax affairs outstanding. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Businesses have been warned they will not be able to avail of special Covid-19 arrangements to “warehouse” debt to Revenue unless their tax affairs ar(...)

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