Helen O’Reilly with Colliers MD Declan Stone

Colliers International has announced the appointment of Helen O’Reilly as marketing and communications manager. O’Reilly holds a bachelor degree in l(...)

Of all the disciplines you could choose to study at third-level, business can open up the broadest array of career choices. It is also the one with th(...)

Lidl Ireland offers a two-year retail-management degree in partnership with Dublin Business School. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

PROBLEM: I want to go to college to study business and was offered a course based on my CAO points. But I couldn’t afford three to four years of coll(...)

Before you select a course find out if  there are opportunities for international exchange, internships and work placements. Photograph: Getty Images

DCU and the Kemmy Business School at UL have developed a reputation for delivering particularly innovative business courses. Trinity’s business econ(...)

John Paul Scally: “There is nothing you can’t buy in a Lidl store today, fresh food or off the shelf.” photograph: keith arkins

A strange thing happens to some men once we hit our mid-30s. Whenever we meet a guy of our generation who is very senior in business or successful in(...)

In Austria, Switzerland and Belgium, fees are usually less than €1,000 a year, while they are mostly free in Scotland, Sweden and Germany.

Almost 1,500 third-level students from Ireland in receipt of State-funded grants are studying in colleges abroad. Under the Department of Education’s(...)

Dublin Business School on Aungier Street in Dublin.

Thousands of low-income college students who attend private colleges are running up major debts because they are not eligible for grants, campaigners (...)

Plenty of Irish people have headed off to India to find themselves but Enda Noone has taken things that bit further by moving to the continent to esta(...)

Children at Holy Trinity National School did a workshop on the physical changes in the brain when a new skill or knowledge is mastered, which neuroscientists call “neuroplasticity”. The fixed mindset sees intelligence as unchanging from cradle to grave; the growth mindset sees intelligence as a malleable attribute that can grow through effort and persistence

One of the best aspects of being a teacher is that I have never stopped learning. Last year I had the opportunity to put a theory of learning to th(...)

Composer Matthew Nolan said he  hoped bringing Costard’s movie to a wider audience would help recapture Best as a gifted sportsman rather than a playboy. Photograph: PA

An avant garde film in which the camera lingers on George Best for the duration of a single match at Old Trafford in 1970 has been resurrected by an (...)

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