Sigmund Freud

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Who is Red Bastard? That’s simple: he’s a whore and a fascist. What does he do? He does something very interesting every 10 seconds. How does he do(...)

Rebecca Reid: Stephen King brought fiction to life for me. He creates unrealistic worlds and puts them in your reality. That is just mesmerising

Rebecca Reid is the author of Thickets Wood (published on May 1st by Liberties Press), a psychological thriller, the sequel to her self-published e(...)

Sean Moncrieff on TV3 game show Crossfire. Photograph: Brian McEvoy/TV3

Sean Moncrieff is punctual and thin – very thin. He has the same sandwich for lunch every day: chicken and coleslaw. He seems a bit wary that t(...)

It was the year before the Great War, so named because it was vast in its upheaval; it marked the death of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and redrew the (...)

Jeremy Renner (left) in Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

What do the following couples have in common: The troubled young bartender from Leeds who shares a dingy flat and a dreadful history with her junk foo(...)

Willow the cocker spaniel scrambles on to the lap of an elderly woman, and nestles in for a cuddle, her silky paws resting gently on the woman’(...)

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