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Horseshoe bats. Photograph: iStock

How did Covid-19 come to be? It’s a puzzle that involves tolerant bats, possibly middlemen pangolins and a virus that gathered structures and tricks a(...)

Maurice Burke, chief technical officer at DCU Nano Research Facility

You are chief technical officer at the DCU Nano Research Facility – what work does it undertake? “It’s a custom-built facility that houses lots of di(...)

Kylene Karnuth, a clinical lab scientist, works with coronavirus samples as researchers begin a trial to see whether malaria treatment hydroxychloroquine can prevent or reduce the severity of the coronavirus disease  at the University of Minnesota, US. Photograph:  Craig Lassig/Reuters

A race is being fought from every corner of the world to find a coronavirus vaccine. It is an immense effort involving co-operation between countries,(...)

Boston-based Dr David Dowling, who is from Bray and received his PhD in DCU.

You want to make vaccines for Covid-19 (Coronavirus) more effective in older people, can you explain? We know that, in general, older people are more (...)

“The big block” – a 620-tonne monster. Photograph courtesy of Peter Cox

You look at the rock-moving power of storm waves, can you explain? “Storm waves move gigantic boulders on the Aran Islands – truly huge, up to hundred(...)

Molly-Ann Williams is developing a sensor system that can tell us what species are present in an environment

What is your area of research? “I am developing a sensor system that can tell us what species are present in an environment. It uses the fact that or(...)

Cell Explorers founder and director Dr Muriel Grenon.

Congratulations, you recently won a Science Foundation Ireland award for outstanding contribution to Stem communication. Tell us about Cell Explorers.(...)

Sophie Murray: ‘I’m really lucky in that I love my job.’

What does your day at work involve? That depends. During term time, on a given day I might be lecturing to students at Trinity College Dublin. Then f(...)

Dr Una FitzGerald at the 2019 Science Foundation Ireland summit. ‘On November 7th, our Cúram lab at NUIG became the first lab in Europe to be Green Lab certified,’ she says. Photograph:  Jason Clarke

What is the main area of research in neuroscience? “I am interested in brain cells that become damaged during the autoimmune disorder multiple sclero(...)

Dr Andrew Hogan: “We could see kids as young as six were starting to show signs of chronic inflammation.”

Your research looks at the links between obesity and the immune system and metabolism in children. Why? “We know that obesity in adults is linked wi(...)

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