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Dr Jessamyn Fairfield. Photograph: Steve Cross

Sometimes when things are tough, you just have to laugh. But could comedy also offer a way of communicating science more effectively? How has Covid-19(...)

Dr Roger Preston: ‘I think that keeping a balance between work and life outside work is a challenge.’

We associate Covid-19 with lung problems, but you recently got funding from Science Foundation Ireland to look at it further afield in the body, can y(...)

‘We are inviting anyone who is over 18 and who can spare 10 minutes to record their breathing into their phone to take part.’ Photograph: iStock

Taking part in a new research project on Covid-19 could be as simple as breathing next to your phone for a few minutes. The project, led by a team at (...)

‘Using metal additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, you can produce complicated solid structures by fusing metal powders one layer at a time.’

What is your PhD about? It is on the physical properties and endurance of 3D-printed metals. I am doing my PhD as part of the Advanced Metallics Syst(...)

Dr Rosie Mangan: ‘One thing I remember was hearing my Dad’s voice, and I knew something had changed and I must be back in Ireland.’

When Dr Rosie Mangan went on a field trip to Brazil a year ago, things didn’t go quite to plan. “My area of research looks at using biology to keep a(...)

Dr Johanna Vos, a postdoctoral research fellow at American Museum of Natural History in New York

You work at at American Museum of Natural History in New York, which sounds amazing – what do you do there? It is pretty much a dream job, doing scien(...)

Dr Tess Lambe: ‘Normally it takes up to 10 years for a vaccine to be developed.’ Photograph: John Cairns

When Irish scientist Prof Tess (Teresa) Lambe heard the interim results of the Oxford AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine trials at the weekend, she almost b(...)

Prof Luke O’Neill said scientific literacy in Ireland was at an all-time high. File photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Public trust in science has built up strongly during the Covid-19 pandemic, but if there is no breakthrough over the next six months on a vaccine this(...)

Dr Elisa Fadda, assistant professor at the department of chemistry and Hamilton Institute in Maynooth University

Your research on the Covid-19 virus was featured recently by the New York Times – can you tell us more? That was so exciting. It was about the work w(...)

Prof Fergus Shanahan: explores the changing nature of the doctor-patient conversation and the trust that language can build or destroy.

With the shorter evenings closing in, it’s high time to stock up on reading material. Maybe you want to escape thoughts of Covid-19 entirely. But if y(...)

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