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US diplomat Richard Haass with Harvard professor Meghan O’Sullivan, speaking to the media at Stormont Hotel in Belfast, where he is chairing negotiations dealing with contentious flags, parades and the region’s troubled past. Photograph: Paul Faith/PA Wire

Richard Haass and Meghan O’Sullivan have history on their side when it comes to breakthrough deals. “Outside” involvement has been central to any si(...)

Desmond Rea: John Larkin “has faced up to the issue and I commend him fully for that”

The North’s attorney general has received qualified support for his call for an end to prosecutions arising from the Troubles. John Larkin QC was roun(...)

DUP leader Peter Robinson at the party’s annual conference in Belfast. Photograph: Kelvin Boyes/Press Eye.

The focus at the DUP annual conference at the weekend was back to the first principle of politics: get elected.Aside from that, there was yet another (...)

John Larkin: his comments recognise the realities of the Northern Ireland legal system. Photograph: PA

It is so unusual for the divided political classes of Northern Ireland to agree on anything that when it happens observers feel like taking a closer l(...)

Dr Richard Haas: “scale and the intensity of the reaction was instructive.’

The generally hostile reaction to the proposal by Northern Ireland Attorney General John Larkin that a line should be drawn under the past has proved (...)

Larkin’s logic on the past

The Belfast Agreement is one of the most radical peace pacts reached anywhere over the past generation, delivering a release from violence, a gradual (...)

Republicanism has failed, nationalism is struggling to keep a united Ireland on the political agenda, and the IRA is defeated, the DUP deputy leader N(...)

DUP leader Peter Robinson: is not hyping the prospects of the Haass talks on parades, flags and the past. Photograph: Lesley-Anne McKeown/PA Wire

The North’s Attorney General John Larkin was operating within the “terms and conditions of his contract” when he called for a halt to all inquiries in(...)

The aftermath of the Omagh bombing in Co Tyrone on August 15, 1998

The North’s Attorney General John Larkin needed his thick neck and broad back for the metaphorical blows that rained down on him yesterday and that wi(...)

Northern Ireland’s Attorney General John Larkin has said there should be an end to prosecutions for Troubles-related killings.

Northern Ireland’s Attorney General has been widely criticised after he proposed an end to all prosecutions, public inquiries and inquests into Troub(...)

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