The complexity of family arrangements never loses the capacity to surprise. Photograph:  Nick Bradshaw

My mother-in-law has advised she is going to bequeath one of her houses, not the main family home, to my wife. My wife now wishes to move into that h(...)

It may be the house of your dreams but you are a first-time buyer only once.

I was wondering if you could shed some light on the possible implications of a property purchase that I am intending to make. I am aware that, broadl(...)

Capital losses remain a stark reality for many people who were invested in the boom years, and not just in property. Photograph: iStockphoto/Thinkstock/Getty

I am sitting on an unrealised loss on an investment property purchased at the height of the boom. I am also sitting on unrealised profits on a portfol(...)

Our putative landlord buys a two-bed apartment for €250,000 in Grace Park Manor, Drumcondra

Yes, in the long-run we are all dead, as John Maynard Keynes famously put it, but not before many of us will have to survive a few years – or decades(...)

Capital loss occurred when selling property after agreement with bank

In January 2008 I bought an apartment to let for €260,000. It was funded by a mortgage of €221,000 provided by AIB over a 10-year term, the first fiv(...)

If any tax liability did emerge in relation to the ‘gift’ of rent-free accommodation, it would essentially be a charge against your daughter

I have an apartment which has been rented out for the last seven years. Now my daughter is moving in to it. She will pay all expenses due on the apart(...)

I have a Permanent TSB mortgage and when it came time to choose my next repayment option I chose, thankfully, the tracker. Now my house is in negative(...)

I currently have a variable rate mortgage with Danske Bank on an investment property. Rates on these mortgages are rising to over 5 per cent in July. (...)

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