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Students on UCD campus: The bottom line is that you will not be eligible for any tax relief in respect of the cost of college entry paid by you for your grandchild.   Photograph: Frank Miller

(...) beneficiary under a will dies before receiving the inheritance but leaves behind “issue” – ie children or(...)

(...). In the event of the above provision, the inheritance would pass to your brother’s estate and be(...)

(...) of the inheritance tax exemption for the family home under CGT (capital gains tax) rules?I understand(...)

Vodafone: trades in sterling on the London Stock Exchange and on the Nasdaq exchange in the United States in dollars

(...) inheritance to particular relations, or non-relations, is an area we have covered before but the thresholds do(...)

(...).Since 2008 the rate of inheritance and gift tax, which is known as capital acquisitions tax (CAT), has soared(...)

(...).Confusion over liability to tax on inheritanceYour reply to an enquiry recently has caused me some anxiety. I did(...)

I am the holder of some equity shares and receive a copy of the annual report of the company. I like to peruse the report, particularly the highlighte(...)

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