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You’d want a pretty sharp tax adviser to try to persuade Revenue you were anything other than Irish-domiciled.

(...) excess of €3,000 in any tax year) or inheritance from either parent. When they get to 80 per cent of the(...)

In France and Ireland – but not the UK – inheritance tax is levied on the beneficiary and not on the estate.

(...)-saved money would end up in French coffers. Ms J.D., France Dealing with inheritance tax across(...)

Inheritance windfall gives you the choice of whether to pay off debt or use the money to invest

(...) use the inheritance to clear the mortgage or invest? I am 53 years old with no dependants and would(...)

Married couples with one earner can earn up to €43,550 before moving into the higher tax bracket.

(...)) bills. After all, unmarried partners are deemed “strangers” in inheritance tax law, and therefore can(...)

Lawyerly advice and good sense dictates one should do everything possible to avert a family row over your inheritance. Photograph: iStockphoto/Getty Images.

(...) family row over your inheritance. These things have a habit of being the most unpleasant types of dispute(...)

There is a double taxation agreement between the United States and Ireland that specifically covers the issue of inheritance tax.  Photograph: Eric Luke

I’m just enquiring do I have to pay tax on inheritance of over $50,000 from my uncle who moved to(...)

By taking the property now as a gift, you are leaving yourself open to tax that you would avoid perfectly legally if you and your mum waited for your to receive the property by way of inheritance.

(...) have never owned a house before and have received no inheritance in the past five years. Will I have(...)

Is there is any way we can ensure our child gets our home and does not incur a vast inheritance tax bill? Photograph: Chris Ison/PA Wire

My wife and I are both retired and we have one child whom we wish to give, by inheritance/or gift(...)

Ironically, in Irish law, while marriage does generally invalidate any previously drafted will, divorce does not.

(...) have wanted her former partner to benefit financially through any inheritance from her. The easy way to(...)

(...) have to pay Inheritance Tax. Is that correct? How much could myself and the other children receive(...)

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