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As Revenue always responds better when people with debts approach it rather than the other way around, I would advise your siblings that they do so before any inheritance is otherwise spent. Photograph: iStock

(...) this because individual beneficiaries could be liable for capital acquisitions tax (inheritance tax) as(...)

Photograph: iStock.

(...) €350,000 inherited by him on my death and be considered, for tax purposes, an inheritance of €450(...)

Leo Varadkar: told an online party conference that no one should pay tax on inheriting a family home of average value. Photograph: Julien Behal

Outgoing taoiseach Leo Varadkar has picked a funny time to frame a new policy of inheritance. The(...)

Inheritance tax: there is a double taxation agreement between Ireland and the UK. Photograph: Getty

If I receive inheritance money from England am I liable to pay tax in Ireland? Mr PK, email It(...)

‘Did the bank breach data security by divulging details of the meeting I had with my branch to my brother-in-law, prompting their offer to buy me out?’ Photograph: iStock

(...) strength of the inheritance. Did the bank breach data security by divulging details of the meeting I had(...)

If your son can avail of the dwelling home exemption, no inheritance tax applies as the property is not even considered against his tax-free limit. Photograph: Yui Mok/PA

(...) payment be affected if he receives an inheritance of the family home valued at €350,000? He will be living(...)

‘My father-in-law has offered to sell an investment property to my wife and I for €300k.  He paid €200k a number of years ago.’ Photograph: iStock

(...) inheritance; the latter is an issue for the person making the gift. Occasionally these are confused, not least(...)

The big problem is that stepchildren appear to be regarded differently in the two pieces of legislation governing inheritance

(...) of inheritance. Mr M.T., email I am not sure what the role of the HSE is in dispensing legal(...)

‘I have agreed to buy his half. Am I   liable for stamp duty?’ Photograph: iStock

(...) half share is inheritance? The value of the house is €500,000 approx. I just need to know all the(...)

You are free to give your stepchildren up to €3,000 a year on top of any similar sum given to them by your husband. Photograph: iStock

I have just read your article, Will our stepchildren lose out on inheritance, from last September(...)

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