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My partner’s brothers and sisters sold their  dead sister’s house for €190,000. He got nothing.

(...). If she did this, it may be that she did not include your partner in any inheritance. The same is true(...)

 Financial wellbeing: the priority for any person or couple must be to provide for themselves: Photograph: Getty

(...) finance it. Some Irish people seem to view inheritance as a right: it’s not. The priority for any person(...)

Parents need to make sure that their own finances are in tip-top shape before they start gifting funds to a child.

(...). What is it? With capital acquisitions tax of the order of 33 per cent and the tax-free inheritance(...)

If your mum funds her nursing home care with Fair Deal, the nursing home will take 80 per cent of her income to fund the cost along with 7.5 per cent of any assets she has in excess of €36,000

(...) a ward of court and to sell the family home to pay for her care, meaning any potential inheritance(...)

The new probate process aims to make things simpler, removing common errors to speed up processing times. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

(...) congratulations on your birthday or inheritance. “Presumably this is an internal thing for Revenue tracking: it(...)

Photograph: iStock

(...) inheritance, the inheritance lapses. For clarity, that is the case regardless of where his widow lives. In(...)

The current tax-free threshold for gifts or inheritances from a parent to a child is €335,000

I read the Q&A recently about gifts and inheritance and one question struck me. What happens(...)

Liability to tax on gifts and inheritances under the Capital Acquisitions Tax regime is a point-in-time operation.

(...) person making the gift or inheritance and the person receiving it. The amount you could receive in(...)

The costs of any solicitor will come from the estate before any inheritance is paid.

(...) property and made no mention of any inheritance to the other siblings. However, my Mum, who now lives in(...)

The applicable inheritance tax threshold is the one in place at the time the parent dies

Just on your recent article on inheritance, when the threshold rises that’s fine but what happens(...)

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