Research shows an adult child moving back in is as bad as developing a disability in terms of the reduction in quality of life for parents.

On those occasions when I had to spend extended periods of time at my parents’ home I couldn’t wait to return to Dublin and regain my freedom, such as(...)

People who  adopt an attitude of kindness towards themselves  tend to be better at taking on challenges than those who don’t

For most teenagers, the big school exams of the year are months away. But that doesn’t prevent the stomach-clenching sensation that accompanies the re(...)

So began my 10-year relationship with confession which ended when I lost the faith

The very first time I went to confession I managed to get it wrong. Once ensconced in the confession box I proceeded to tell the priest the sins of my(...)

Did you ever give your ex your Google password?  Does your smartphone have location services turned on?

Breaking up is hard to do, but the presence of the digital world in every corner of our lives is making it, not only hard, but scarily complicated. It(...)

The general increase in the number of years before childbirth may not mean people are having more fun

The BBC reported recently that the age at which adolescence becomes adulthood had increased from 19 to 24 years. But, biologically, the end-point of a(...)

It’s reassuring to have someone talk to you without saying a single thing you haven’t said a hundred times before

A woman remarked at an event recently that her husband had nothing to say to her, but that his perspective was quite different to hers on the matter. (...)

The leather was about a foot long and could deliver a breathtakingly stinging blow when delivered by a strong adult to a child

The funeral of my last remaining uncle, Jim Morrin, brought me to the Church of Our Lady and St David in Naas recently, where I made for one of the si(...)

What if the entrapment process catches people who would not have tried to have sex with a child but who instead were engaging in fantasy?

Suppose that one evening you park your car, but when you get out to leave the carpark you are confronted by a group of people with a camera. They tel(...)

These guys stroll to the bedroom to get undressed before ‘presenting’ themselves

Reading recently about one of those episodes of rich and famous men exposing themselves to women, this thought occurred: Why do they need to do t(...)

Should I stay or should I go?

The most important question in relationships is – why bother? They either enhance our lives in some way or we should drop them. So begins an email fr(...)

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