A few simple precautions could ensure you avoid having your holiday disrupted by theft.

Realising your wallet is no longer in your pocket when you’re standing on a train so crowded you can’t move our arms to check if it’s anywhere else, d(...)

Tthree types of man on the train journey from Waterford to Dublin. Photograph: Eric Luke / The Irish Times

Men are no good at pottering about. You have to give them things to do. I learned this on the train from Waterford to Dublin and it was one of three i(...)

One important aspect of surviving another person’s suicide is to accept that, in most cases, you will never fully know why

May is a peak month for suicide in Ireland and in other northern hemisphere countries. The reason why isn’t clear – it may have something to do with h(...)

Men, it suggests, evolved to be aggressive, to advance in the face of difficulties and to doggedly pursue difficult goals in keeping with their role as fathers.

“More than one marriage has been rendered unhappy because the wife failed to understand the way her husband looks at things,” writes Fr Thomas Tobin i(...)

Our children have expectations for care, emotional support and love that it’s good to meet.

My father wanted to be a carpenter, but coming from a family that had money and status he felt he couldn’t say so. He had already disappointed his fa(...)

'What would worry me about drinking would be the elevated risk of stroke rather than the higher mortality risk.'

My evening walks take me past a series of pubs with clusters of people standing outside having cigarettes. Many of them look like they’ve been pickled(...)

“Are you playing footsie with me?” she asked. I had gotten on the train at Newry expecting a quiet trip to Dublin. There weren’t many passengers so (...)

The trouble with arguments that support the other side is the danger that they might change your mind

With the debate on the Eighth Amendment in top gear, I was thinking about the difficulties we have in hearing both sides of an argument and the man wh(...)

The sooner you recognise workplace stress and work out what you can do about it – seek changes in how things are done, work fewer days, change job for instance – the better

Imagine being stressed all or most of the time at work. And imagine the toll that might take on your health, your enjoyment of life and your general w(...)

We are naturally drawn to groups and to the members of our own group as insiders seeing the rest as outsiders. Photograph: iStock

We, the group, reject you. Because we are the only group that matters, consider yourself rejected by the world. This, I think, is one of the big lies(...)

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