Because you’ve nothing else to occupy your attention an annoyance such as a buzzing fly can become more upsetting than it’s worth. Photograph: Getty Images

I was surprised one morning last week by a feeling of pure anger. It reminded me that in the strange situation we are all in now, we can expect feeli(...)

Acceptance or rejection? Acceptance opens the door to action and sometimes that action is life changing. Image: iStock

Acceptance is one of the most curious of human traits. I say curious because it sounds passive, like an attitude that would invite the world to walk (...)

L’Arche community founder Jean Vanier abused women who came to him for spiritual direction.  File photograph:  Tiziana Fabi/AFP via Getty Images

I met Jean Vanier once and was as surprised as others to read reports of his inappropriate sexual activity with a number of women. This seems to have(...)

We wonder what our colleagues, boss, subordinates, children think about us. Photograph: iStock

“I wonder if he ever thinks about me?” The question is asked by a woman in a documentary about people who go missing in Japan (it’s on YouTube as “Jap(...)

While complainants can refuse to go along with this, you have to wonder whether a refusal would affect their credibility. Photograph: iStock

If you were accused, rightly or wrongly, of having abused a child in the past, would you want an opportunity to question that child – who we will assu(...)

Eco-anxiety: the concern about what’s happening to the planet is a very real in the bodies of young and older people. File photograph: Roman Didkivskyi/iStock/Getty Images

The news is physical. That’s worth remembering when we read about rising levels of stress and anxiety in young people frightened by climate change. F(...)

It is generally asserted, especially in the self-help field, that gratitude cultivates positive feelings. Photograph: iStock

“That’s the last favour I’ll be doing for that b*****d.” The man on the bus had done a favour for a colleague who had angered him by taking the favo(...)

One way to cultivate joy is by contemplating other people’s happiness and sharing the good feelings that arise from it. Image: iStock

I have no time for begrudgery, so I was glad to learn that welcoming the good fortune of other people makes us happier. I used to see begrudgers as m(...)

Suppose the man who owns the building files for bankruptcy because of an investment too far? Will he be a loser? Photograph: iStock

“Show me someone without an ego and I’ll show you a loser.” That often quoted statement by – who else? – Donald J Trump, set me thinking about the who(...)

He had outed my impostor syndrome. This is the belief that people are mistaken in thinking well of you.

Somebody laughed at me once because when he praised a piece of work I had done, I deflected the compliment by muttering that, “yeah, I really got luck(...)

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