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A woman walks past graffiti in favour of imprisoned armed Basque group Eta members in Hernani, Spain. Photograph: Vincent West/Reuters

Spanish police and civil guards have frequently had convictions for torturing terrorism suspects wiped from their records, allowing them to rise throu(...)

Workmen dismantle the Onesimo Redondo monument in Valladolid in February 2016, in line with a law that decrees the disappearance of all symbols of dictator Franco. Photograph: Cesar Manso/AFP/ Getty Images

The street names of Basque cities are at the centre of a political row over historical memory that has encompassed the Franco dictatorship, a Stalinis(...)

Civil Guard Agents arrest a Spanish citizen in connection with alleged jihadist Daniel Fernandez Acena. Photograph:  Pablo Martin/EPA

A former hitman for Spain’s infamous 1980s state-sponsored death squads has been arrested on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack on behalf of Isl(...)

A file photograph of Mikel Irastorza. Photograph: Javier Etxezarreta/EPA

Spain said security forces had arrested the head of Basque militant separatist group ETA in south-western France on Saturday in a joint operation betw(...)

People march behind a banner reading “Gravely ill Basque Prisoners Home” during a demonstration in San Sebastian on October 15th in support of the release of chronically and terminally ill Eta prisoners. Photograph: Vincent West/Reuters

Late last Saturday night two members of the Spanish Civil Guard were badly beaten up by a group of young men in a bar in Alsasua, leaving them requir(...)

Five years ago today the Basque group Eta declared a “definitive cessation” of its armed campaign for Basque independence which had cost more than 800(...)

Podemos  leader Pablo Iglesias (centre) at an election campaign rally in the Basque Country with party candidate Pilar Zabala (in white, on his left). Photograph: Miguel Tona/EPA

It is raining in Bilbao as politicians from the Podemos party prepare for a campaign event on the banks of the Nervión river ahead of tomorrow’s Basqu(...)

San Sebastian bay in the Basque Country. Photograph: Getty Images
San Sebastian: Basque in the culture
  • Europe
  • September 17, 2016, 03:00

Beautiful and creative but marked by a troubled past, San Sebastian in northern Spain could be – aptly enough for this city in thrall to film – a crea(...)

January 2015: Baga massacre – 2,000+ dead or missing – Boko Haram militants opened fire on northern Nigerian villages. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

Europe is on high alert. Soldiers are on patrol in metro stations, security has been tightened at big public events and, almost every week, police som(...)

Arnaldo Otegi has served several prison terms related to his involvement in the Basque radical left movement. Photograph: Ander Gillenea/AFP/Getty Images

An electoral authority has ruled that Basque separatist politician Arnaldo Otegi cannot run as a candidate in an upcoming regional election due to a c(...)

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