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Family volunteering is popular in the United States but Ireland is at an earlier stage in the trend. Photograph: iStock

January is Health Month in The Irish Times. Throughout the month, in print and online, we will be offering encouragement and inspiration to (...)

A recent survey found 80 per cent of people felt a lower level of social connectedness as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Photograph: iStock

Fatigue and frustration are two of the strongest emotions people are feeling as we approach the second Christmas of the Covid-19 pandemic. The surveys(...)

A generation ago, single-earner families could reasonably expect to be able to afford a mortgage. Now, even a couple earning two good salaries may struggle to save for a deposit

“I feel as though I have regressed back into my teenage self. I’m waiting for my mother to reprimand me for not making my bed.” At 28, this is not whe(...)

The James Webb Space Telescope

Imagine if scientists could use a telescope to peer back billions of years to the early days of the universe, to watch how planets, stars and galaxies(...)

Many CPD courses today are delivered part-time and online. Photograph: iStock

There is no shortage of career opportunities in the life sciences, but how do graduates and mid-career professionals get there – and are there enough (...)

Geoff Martha: We are a tech company and tech talent is in high demand and they want to work for a company that offers them not just a career but that stands for something

It’s easy to forget. As countries battle a fourth wave of Covid-19, all the clamour is for booster jabs, the rights and wrongs of vaccination for chil(...)

Permitting access to “unsustainable” amounts of credit to buy homes will not deliver a much-needed supply of new property, Central Bank deputy governor Sharon Donnery said.  Photograph: Darren Staples/Reuters

Giving households access to “unsustainable” amounts of credit to buy homes will not lead to a much-needed sustainable supply of properties, Central Ba(...)

There has been a flowering of studies in neuroscience over recent years, many of which involve brain imaging being performed on subjects reading literature

Trinity College Dublin researcher Amelia McConville has grown used to getting blank looks at social occasions when she explains her PhD. The Dubliner’(...)

Marino College in Fairview, one of the schools closed in Dublin, due to Storm Barra. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

The Department of Education decided to close schools in several counties over the last two days due to the threat posed by Storm Barra. We asked read(...)

Known as isolated diastolic hypertension (IDH),  the American Heart Association defines it as a diastolic blood pressure greater than 80mmHg and systolic blood pressure less than 130 mmHg

People under 50 with a particular form of high blood pressure affecting up to 11 per cent of the adult population are more at risk of a heart attack o(...)

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