Data from the European Environment Agency shows daily household energy use in Ireland is the second-highest in Europe at just under 50kWh daily.  Photograph:  Tim Ireland/PA

Resources are only available to fund retrofitting work on one-third of the 75,000 homes and buildings required to be upgraded each year between now an(...)

Poor air quality contributes to  1,200 premature deaths in Ireland every year – mainly attributed to particulate matter from traffic fumes.   Photograph: Guang Niu/Getty Images

When you consider that our most basic needs are clean air, safe drinking water and healthy food, it is not surprising that Ireland’s Environment 2016(...)

The Arctic is heating up faster than anywhere else and the results are plain to see: the ice is melting. Photograph: Cory Glencross/iStock/Getty

It was the target that should not have been reached, the target that must not be reached, yet it has been reached. The relentless advance of climate(...)

A rat feasts on sewage: Almost a million people are served by 121 water treatment plants officially classified as “at risk”. Photograph: Kirsty Wigglesworth

Putting a price on water prompts us not to waste it, decreasing the overall amount that must be treated and pumped. Remove water charging and the fina(...)

A decision by the European Commission in respect of tax rulings by the Irish Revenue in relation to the corporate taxation of Apple is expected. Photograph: Kimihiro   Hoshino/AFP/Getty Images

The European Commission has ordered Luxembourg and the Netherlands to recover unpaid tax from Fiat and Starbucks in the region of €20 millio(...)

The IFA, like other farming lobbies, is strongly opposed to methane limits

A majority of EU countries want to drop a plan to introduce methane emission limits, a move strongly opposed by farming lobbies, including the Irish (...)

 The promenade from the Claddagh to the lighthouse on Mutton Island is one of the few places left in Galway city where citizens can walk without being deafened by traffic noise. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy.

It can be hard to be physically active at this time of year but walking by the sea in Galway is an easily made health choice. The promenade from the C(...)

Drax power station in the UK, which was included in the emissions assessment by the European Environment Agency.

Air pollution from Europe’s large industrial plants and coal-fired power stations, including Moneypoint on the Shannon Estuary, cost society at least (...)

The 3.4 per cent fall in greenhouse gas emissions in the US in 2012 has been linked  to low natural gas prices, helped by a shale gas boom and a shift from coal, a mild winter and greater efficiency in transport. Photograph:  John Giles/PA Wire

Industrialised nations’ greenhouse gas emissions fell by 1.3 per cent in 2012, led by a US decline to the lowest in almost two decades with a s(...)

The satellites will deliver visual and sensor information on land use, for example providing crop yield predictions or assessing the extent of national forests. Air pollution can be monitored also as can the ash from an active volcano

Europe will have a new eye in the sky when the Sentinel 1A (...)

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