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Samira Zargari, the coach of the Iranian women’s Alpine skiing team. Photograph:  Amin Mohammad Jamali/Getty Images

Samira Zargari, the coach of the Iranian women’s Alpine skiing team, has been barred by her husband from travelling to Italy for the world skiing cha(...)

The abduction or murder by authoritarian regimes of political opponents living abroad is by no means uncommon. Iran kidnapped a dissident journalist(...)

Then US vice-president Joe Biden shakes hands with Chinese president Xi Jinping in Beijing, 2013. Photograph: Lintao Zhang/Pool/AFP via Getty

One of the first battles in the American civil war took place near a Missouri town that it amused fate to name Carthage. Two millennia before, the Rom(...)

Forces loyal to Yemen’s Saudi-backed government get into position during clashes with Houthi rebel fighters in the al-Jadaan area about 50km northwest of Marib in central Yemen on February 11th. Photograph: Mumen Khatib/AFP via Getty Images

Yemen’s Houthi rebel movement and its leaders are to be removed by the US from its list of foreign terrorist organisations on Tuesday due to the despe(...)

A huge pall of smoke rises from blazing fuel tankers at the Islam Qala border with Iran, in Herat Province, Afghanistan, on Saturday. Photograph: AP Photo

A fuel tanker exploded on Saturday afternoon at a crowded border post in western Afghanistan, setting off an enormous fire that spread to more than 1(...)

I did study Latin briefly in first year at secondary school (just after the fall of the Roman Empire). Photograph: Getty Images

One of my latest lockdown distractions is dabbling in Latin, again thanks to the online language app Duolingo. And the most exciting thing I’ve learne(...)

Rouzbeh Rashidi: ‘First and foremost I’m a cinephile.’

“I wanted to create a project that never ends as long as I live,” says Rouzbeh Rashidi, the founder of the Experimental Film Society. “First and forem(...)

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei  delivers a speech to commanders of the air force on Sunday. Photograph: Iran supreme leader’s office handout/AFP via Getty Images

US sanctions on Iran will be lifted only if it stops enriching uranium, and not simply to attract Tehran back to the negotiating table, Joe Biden has (...)

United Nations building in New York:  Hopes are high  a new administration in Washington will signal a shift in US policy towards Israel and Palestine. Photograph: Jason Szenes

Winter’s icy grip descended on New York this week, burying the streets under a foot of snow. But like many cities across the world struggling with th(...)

A fighter of the Southern Transitional Council  watches as a military vehicle belonging to Saudi-backed government forces burns during clashes in the southern Abyan province of Yemen. Photograph:  AFP via Getty Images

The Biden administration’s decision to end US support for Saudi Arabia’s offensive war in Yemen amounts to a decisive shift in US policy and heralds a(...)

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