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Irish consumers may be hit with higher fees by credit card companies. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Irish consumers will be hit with higher fees if plans by the European Commission to impose a cap on the charges credit card companies can impose on re(...)

The commission proposes a 0.2 per cent ceiling on all consumer debit transactions and a 0.2 per cent cap on credit card transactions

Lucrative fees to process card transactions are to be capped under a proposal by the EU’s executive arm aiming to draw a line under a decade-long batt(...)

Delat Airlines is among the customers that Datalex has signed up.

Travel software firm Datalex has appointed MasterCard’s innovation chief to its board. Garry Lyons, who also heads up MasterCard Labs, joins as a non-(...)

The capital of Thailand, Bangkok, is the world’s number one destination city for travel, according to MasterCard, edging out London by about 25,000 vi(...)

When paying one’s LPT online by credit card I note, with some displeasure, that Revenue sees fit to impose a charge because of doing so by this method(...)

Lying on the floor of a basketball court, having been sent tumbling by a younger player who schooled him on a dunk, Hikmet Ersek decided it was(...)

 Pay Pal president David Marcus at the official opening of Ebay’s International Operations Centre in Dundalk yesterday. Photograph: Alan Betson

When we think of money, we tend to picture the tangible cash in our wallets rather than the intangible balance in our bank accounts. But it’s m(...)

Revenue Commissioner Josephine Feehily briefs the media on the Local Property Tax. Photograph: David Sleator

Some people may see their property tax charge being immediately deducted from their bank accounts, the Revenue Commissioners have pointed out. (...)

EU Regulators are investigating MasterCard and Visa Europe over their credit card fees. Photograph: Bryan O'Brien/The Irish Times

MasterCard is under investigation by the European Union over the level of fees tourists to the EU are charged when using cards to make purchase(...)

At PayPal parent eBay’s analyst day today, analysts are likely to seek core details about fees MasterCard, and possibly Visa, plan to ch(...)

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