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Shy children are the ‘leg grabbers’ – ‘they have the social skills, they are well able to play and engage with others but they need that little bit longer lead-in time than other kids do’. Photograph: iStock

Writer Susan Cain found it mystifying as a child why certain adults were so intent on organising children into big group activities – “let’s all get t(...)

Positive sleep habits begin during the day for all of us. Photograph: iStock

This summer, The Irish Times will offer tips, advice and information for parents on how to help their children thrive during the holiday mon(...)

Society seems to be clinging on to very rigid, archaic notions of masculinity, in which boys don’t cry and love rough and tumble and play sport. Photograph: iStock

I sometimes feel like my house is a laboratory for gender studies. I have a daughter of 14, and a son of 13. I also have a daughter of six, but she ha(...)

To parent in a creative and playful way, we have to reflect inwards to connect outwards. This is therapeutic parenting.

I believe that there is no better way to discover your own unresolved issues than to become a parent. January is Health Month in The Irish (...)

Normal anxiety is intermittent and context specific, whereas problematic anxiety is pervasive, constant and impacts on all aspects of the person’s day-to-day life. Photograph: Getty

Issues relating to anxiety made up most of the clinical queries I received in 2020. Of course, we must consider this through the lens of Covid-19 and (...)

If your child proactively invites you to play with them, they are letting you know that there is something they need. Photograph: Getty

I have heard from many of you over the Christmas period asking for ideas on how to manage family play time without it descending into chaos and war. T(...)

Long before babies can talk and understand words, they’ve begun their life education by watching. Photograph: iStock

As with most aspects of parenting, the example you set is likely to be the biggest factor in raising a kind-hearted child. Long before babies can talk(...)

Manager, Eilish Balfe,  with children Siabhe, Minnie, Hary and Jack at Happy Days pre-school in Ratoath, reading The Story of the Kindness Elves.  Photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times

A kind thought that has rippled out into an award-winning movement of kindness through the Co Meath village of Ratoath all started with one little gir(...)

People living alone with the support of a carer may form a support bubble with one other household. Photograph: iStock

Social bubbles and pods have become an integral part of the pandemic response in countries around the world. They are regarded as a safe way to allow (...)

The first day of “big school” will be like no other for those starting on Monday. That was the case not only for the 22 junior infants who on Fri(...)

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