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CGI of “Facebook town” beside the company’s Menlo Park campus in California

Reporting from the heart of Cannapolis, North Carolina in 1933, a Fortune magazine journalist noted the town was “like a medieval city, standing aloof(...)

A boy holds a Polish flag: research shows   Polish and Irish emigrants are highly mobile and move back and forward  between their home countries and abroad. Photograph:  Reuters

The perceptions of emigration as a permanent move abroad is outdated, according to new research into Irish and Polish migrants. Learning from Poland: (...)

Only 40 per cent of emigrants expect to return to Ireland at some stage and just 21 per cent of those who had emigrated expect to return within three years, a survey has found.  Photograph: Alan Betson

Only 40 per cent of the present generation of Irish emigrants intend to return to Ireland, according to new research. The feelings of ne(...)

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