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Global Shares chief executive Tim Houstoun at the company’s headquarters in Clonakilty. ‘We’re ahead of where we expected to be,’ he says

Co Cork-based Global Shares is to create more than 200 jobs by the end of next year, and has revised its revenue guidance upwards after reporting a hu(...)

Leon Bosch. Photograph:  Juno Snowdon, art direction Adam Hypki

In a recent interview to mark his 60th birthday the internationally renowned double bassist Leon Bosch spoke about his career as a chamber musician, r(...)

Bosch said Ireland’s  mid-west   ‘is emerging as a hub for automotive software and system development’

Bosch, Europe’s largest car-parts supplier, has announced the establishment of an automotive research and development centre in Limerick, which will s(...)

‘Most problematic by far are Renesas and Bosch,’ Elon Musk tweeted in relation to chips used in the manufacture of Teslas. Photograph: AFP via Getty

Tesla’s Elon Musk complained that two of the world’s biggest auto-chip suppliers are inhibiting the electric-car maker’s production. “We are operatin(...)

€90 Coffee pod machines are hugely popular, with a no-mess, no-fuss approach to brewing the perfect coffee. There are no coffee grounds to deal with,(...)

Siemens EQ9 S700 Plus Connect: If you like your coffee, this machine is right up your street. It’s easy to use, with both  a regular and  barista mode.

Siemens EQ9 S700 Plus Connect (€1,900) There was a time when I didn’t drink coffee. That was before a full-time job and two small children, when I wo(...)

Bosch has invested €5 billion into electric vehicle technology and is hedging its bets by continuing to build up its hydrogen capabilities. Photograph: iStock

Bosch, Europe’s largest car parts supplier, has hit out at the EU for being “fixated” on electric vehicles, while overlooking other low-emission trans(...)

Mercedes has also developed, with Bosch, a remote parking system that  will in theory allow a C-Class to drop you at your destination and then head off by itself to find a parking space

Shrunken E-Class or scaled-up A-Class saloon? That appears to have been the styling order of the day at Mercedes HQ when the new C-Class, which goes o(...)

We’re just a day from the full and official reveal of the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class saloon, but the internet has worked its wily magic and winkled out(...)

EVs trigger emissions from both the generation of electricity to charge their batteries, and in their manufacture. The question is - how much? Photograph: PA

While we all watch, warily, the countdown to 2030 and the incoming ban on sales of new internal combustion engines (ICE) cars, there is a significant (...)

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