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This being Belfast, the three silver moons on the walls of Eipic have already been put in their box. “Michael you must get all the channels here with(...)

Michelin’s announcement that none of its 14 new stars are going to Ireland has gone down like a rates bill in the gossip-loving Irish restaurant world. Photograph: Chef Mikael Viljanen (left), Lady Helen in Mount Juliet (top) and Galway restaurant Aniar.

Chefs Mikael Viljanen and Stephen Toman can take some comfort from the fact that they don’t have to congratulate any other newly starred Irish chefs t(...)

Garrett Byrne, head chef and proprietor of Kilkenny’s Campagne restaurant which has retained its star.

The Michelin Guide has awarded no new stars to Irish restaurants with no change to the nine starred restaurants in the 2015 guide. A list released by (...)

Garrett Byrne, head chef and  proprietor of Kilkenny’s Campagne restaurant.

The winners in the Michelin Guide Great Britain and Ireland 2015 are published tomorrow. Kilkenny got two new stars last year with Garrett Byrne’s Ca(...)

Police clash with loyalist protestors in Belfast city centre as they attempt to block part of the route of the Anti-Internment League parade last Friday: Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire

Even though Belfast has struggled under the twin threats of economic recession and community tension, a great deal of good work continues at City Hall(...)

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