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Terrence T Thornton: “By now, you know what you’re getting with Pusha T because I’ve been in this game a long time”

There will be few sights more incongruous in 2014 than Larry King, the doyen of American TV interviews, chewing the cud with Terrence “Pusha T” Thornt(...)

Here comes the man. It may have taken Schoolboy Q, the rapper born Quincy Hanley on an army base in Germany, a long time to reach this point in the ga(...)


There were two festivals in Austin last week. One featured bareback bronco riding, steer wrestling, pig races, roping, bull riding and, our fav(...)

This is the point at which LA rapper Quincy Hanley says hello to the mainstream and waits to see what it makes of him. In fairness, this release has (...)

Coke rap has been good to Terrence Thornton. The man known as Pusha T finally gets his debut solo album, a decade down the road from his stint with hi(...)

In a summer of competing festivals and superstar shows, one imminent visitor is conspicuous by his absence from the promo palaver, the ads and the con(...)

J Cole: Born Sinner

There are times when J Cole is a little too reverential for his good. You can hear it on Let Nas Down, as he bemoans the fact that the Illmatic slinge(...)

 Thomas Bangalter, left, and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, from the French music group, Daft Punk

The fact that the most infectious, feel-good tune of the year was made by two French lads usually seen sporting motorcycle helmets is a sign of the(...)

Chances are few casual music fans had heard of or paid much heed to Robin Thickle until the title track to Blurred Lines began popping up all over (...)

Photograph: David Rose/Bloomberg News

The album was born of technology. In 1931 RCA Victor launched a range of vinyl discs that rotated 33 times a minute, which meant they played fo(...)

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