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 George Michael, Bono, Paul McCartney, Freddie Mercury and Bob Geldof during the finale of the Live Aid concert at Wembley Stadium on July 13th, 1985. Photograph:   Georges De Keerle/Getty Images

Monday, July 13th, marks the 35th anniversary of 1985’s Live Aid, which was created as the follow-up to the successful 1984 charity single, Do Th(...)

Musicians who have been around for decades often find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place; the desire (desperation?) to remain relevant (...)

If there are strong whiffs of Lady Gaga, Madonna, David Bowie and Prince in Jack Rua’s debut work, then there are also vigorous elements contained wit(...)

Jesse Eisenberg and Clémence Poésy in Resistance

Like a lot of small-minded people radicalised by embarrassing street performers walking into imaginary winds, I know less about the history of mime th(...)

If you want a soundtrack to how Britain fell part, listen to Sleaford Mods. The second decade of the century was a momentous one for the UK. In 2011,(...)

Little Richard

Little Richard, one of the pioneers of the first wave of rock’n’roll, has died. He was 87. Richard – whose real name was Richard Penniman – had been (...)

Kraftwerk on stage in 2004, with Florian Schneider on the right. File photograph: Juerg Mueller/Keystone via AP

Wednesday’s announcement of the death of Florian Schneider (typically, the actual date he died remains a mystery) sent me down a listening rabbit-hole(...)

Disaffected but not punk, eager to please but only on their own terms, a thorn shoved into the skin of church and state, it is easy to view The Boomto(...)

 It’s as if Kraftwerk’s economically accelerating home town allowed them to glimpse the modernity that would extend across the continent. Photograph: Frähling/Kraftwerk/Getty Images

Fifty years ago, in 1970, Kraftwerk, led by Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider, formed in the German Rhineland city of Düsseldorf. Their first three al(...)

Fate brought them together at a David Bowie tribute gig in Sligo in 2016. Four years later, Bedlam Suitcase’s debut album sounds as unconventional as (...)

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