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Martina Di Renzo has been looking for accommodation for three months and  will have to move into a B&B if she doesn’t find somewhere to rent this week.

If I don’t get anything, by next Monday I am going to be in a B&B. My job is formally starting on Monday. Apple told me I had a couple of months t(...)

Recent figures indicate that 90 per cent of rental accommodation in the State is not affordable to most

Soaring rental prices and “unscrupulous landlords” have led to the worst homeless crisis “in living memory”, according to homelessness charity Focus I(...)

This graphic shows the change in the number of properties listed as available to rent on housing website Daft over the last 11 years.

The really startling thing about the latest Daft rental report is the lack of supply in the market. Despite soaring rent levels - now in excess of Cel(...)

Liam Cunningham, who plays Davos Seaworth in ‘Game of Thrones’, will speak at the Web Summit

The company behind the Web Summit has a permanent six-bedroom “crash pad” for new employees arriving in Dublin as part of efforts to circumvent the ho(...)

Photograph: Frank Miller /	The Irish Times

Are you trying to find a place to live? Are you struggling to rent somewhere that is affordable? Have you been forced to move out due to rent hikes (...)

Sherry FitzGerald said the imbalance between supply and demand remains the foremost obstacle facing the market

The Government must fund local authorities to build affordable rental housing, a homelessness charity has said. Reacting to the latest data from prop(...)

The scheme allows people to earn up to €14,000 without paying any tax from renting out a room in their property

Taxpayers flocked to the rent-a-room scheme to avoid tax and boost their incomes as austerity hit and tax burdens rose, new figures from the Revenue C(...)

Karl Picard: “I wouldn’t be able to eat during the day until 9pm when I got home because I just didn’t have any money.”  Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill

Karl Picard (23) is a masters student in Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) studying political communications. Last year he commuted four hours ever(...)

Rents have increased by almost 12% year-on-year to June, according to a new survey. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times

Rents have increased by almost 12 per cent year-on-year to June, according to a new survey. This means it now costs almost €3,000 a year more in Dubl(...)

With  the student registration charge  at €3,000, the rising cost of accommodation is putting many parents and students under pressure. Photograph: Getty Images

Some students are ending up sleeping on friends’ couches, floors or in cars due to difficulties sourcing affordable accommodation, according to the Un(...)

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