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Michael Slattery and Ross Burke

Michael Slattery was very happy with the cheerful glow of the new solid fuel stove in his living room. He was less happy when it ejected hot coals ont(...)

Irish start-up Pavanu Mobility is focused on making the pedestrian environment safer for everyone

Damaged pavements are a familiar feature of urban environments everywhere and most people take them in their stride. But for anyone pushing a buggy, u(...)

MagGrow co-founder Gary Wickham: “We have no regrets whatsoever and would gladly do it all over again.” Photograph:  Nick Bradshaw

Irish start-ups MagGrow, BonzaQuote and Countr have something in common: all beat stiff competition to win places on high-profile accelerators in the (...)

Kenn Davis: “We are reimagining how artists are discovered and booked and redefining what a music venue is”
New innovators: beatvyne

If you’ve always fancied your talents as a would-be impresario, then musician, manager and concert promoter Kenn Davis may be able to make your dream (...)

Paul Merriman:  software-as-a-service entrepreneur with a product called ClearChoice
New Innovator: ClearChoice

Paul Merriman is a financial broker whose experience of starting his own business in 2010 unexpectedly launched his career in a new direction. Driven (...)

 Liz Fulham: Only 1 per cent of all active websites are online shops. We remove all the other ‘noise’ and find them

SalesOptimize is a new business-to-business lead-generation and marketing search engine designed to save companies hours of trawling through websites (...)

Avril Copeland and Greg Balmer of TickerFit
New innovator: TickerFit

In the past most patients have relied on healthcare professionals to manage their conditions. Now, getting patients to self-manage where possible is s(...)

Prof Tony Killard: “We can’t be complacent and we intend to establish ourselves as the market leader in this field as quickly as possible.”
Breathtaking diagnostic technology

One of the main ways of diagnosing a wide range of diseases is with a blood test. It is a simple enough procedure, but one which many people, especia(...)

Peter Foley: platform enables fast and private self-testing
New innovators: LetsGetChecked

In this cyber age when everything from filing tax returns to finding a life partner can be done online, healthcare professional Peter Foley couldn’t u(...)

Elizabeth Fingleton and Kate Cronin on Obeo: “You take the flat-pack box, pop it up so it stands on the kitchen counter and it holds mushy, wet foods and teabags without leaking. When it’s full it goes into the brown bin,” says Ms Fingleton

Around 2,000 people are expected to attend the Big Ideas and Innovation Showcase events at Dublin’s Convention Centre to find out about State-provided(...)

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