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The  National Cybersecurity Centre says the vulnerability poses a ‘serious risk to the security and integrity of data’.  Photograph: iStock

Businesses have been warned to urgently check and protect their systems for a new vulnerability in Java code, or risk being hit with ransomware and ot(...)

Two of the biggest cybercriminal gangs, REvil and DarkSide recently promised not to target sectors such as health and education. File photograph: iStock

Forty-eight days on from the devastating ransomware attack on Ireland’s health system, the criminals behind it are yet to make good on their promise t(...)

The key from the criminals has been verified as genuine and functional by cybersecurity experts working for the HSE and the National Cyber Security Centre. However, it is described as ‘buggy’ and ‘flawed’.  Photograph: iStock

HSE officials hope a tool developed by a New Zealand company, which has been offered to the State for free, will significantly speed up the restoratio(...)

‘If the criminals are attacking targets in the West, Putin is not going to stop them.’ Photograph: iStock

Cybersecurity officials are monitoring the dark web for evidence of data from the HSE ransomware attack being dumped online. It is believed cybercrim(...)

‘The cybercrime economy is now worth more globally than the illicit drugs trade.’ Image: iStock

The crippling cyberattacks on the State’s health service are a “wake-up call” to politicians, businesses and the public that more protective action is(...)

The HSE confirmed a cyber attack hit all hospital IT systems, with appointments at the Rotunda cancelled on Friday as a result. Photograph: Colin Keegan/ Collins Dublin

It will be at least three days before the scale of the damage from “possibly the most significant cyber crime attack on the Irish State” is clear, a G(...)

Cybersecurity expert Brian Honan warned there is potential for the spyware to disrupt networks should enough phones be infected and start sending large volumes of itself to other devices.

Users of devices powered by Android have been warned about a dangerous text-message scam that is running rife across Britain. Known as Flubot, the s(...)

Private information relating to up to 1.5 million Irish Facebook users has been exposed in the leak, part of the leaking of 500 million profiles worldwide. Photograph: Josh Edelson/AFP

The personal data of hundreds of Irish people working in sensitive State positions has been exposed in a Facebook data leak, including that of gardaí(...)

Reports of wifi-enabled baby monitors being hacked and strangers having access to the camera feed are not new. Photograph: iStock

There must have been more than a few parents uneasily eyeing their smart baby monitors in the past couple of weeks. The monitors, which connect to yo(...)

ComReg wants a mechanism for sharing and accessing national security intelligence “in a controlled way” and “particularly among State agencies”.

Intelligence on threats to national security should be shared between government agencies and with the private sector, the body responsible for commun(...)

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