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The US embassy in Havana, Cuba, where reports of mysterious symptoms emerged in 2016.  Photograph: Meridith Kohut/The New York Times

The CIA has found that most cases of the mysterious ailments known as Havana syndrome are unlikely to have been caused by Russia or another foreign ad(...)

Cubans demonstrate outside the Capitol  in Havana last July against the government of  President Miguel Diaz-Canel. Photograph: Yamil Lage/AFP via Getty Images

Detained protesters in Cuba could get up to 30 years in prison as they face the largest and most punitive mass trials on the island since the early ye(...)

The luxury over  water villas, reached by a wooden walkway, at the Kuramathi resort in the Maldives.

“Would madam care for a glass of Champagne?” the charming flight attendant asks. Would I what? After nearly two years of working at home in a cramped (...)

Russian president Vladimir Putin welcomes chancellor Angela Merkel with a bouquet of flowers at the Kremlin. It was the chancellor’s final visit to Moscow. Photograph: Evgeny Odinokov/Sputnik/AFP via Getty Images

German chancellor Angela Merkel has asked Russia to support international efforts to stabilise the humanitarian crisis triggered by the Taliban takeov(...)

A march in support of the Cuban revolution passes through the Malecon  in Havana on August 5th. Photograph: Ernesto Mastrascusa/EPA

The Cuban regime is facing the biggest threat to its authority in decades, just four months after President Miguel Díaz-Canel consolidated his power o(...)

Police scuffle and detain an anti-government demonstrator during a protest in Havana, Cuba. Photograph: Ramon Espinosa/AP Photo

Cuba’s communist revolution is one of the world’s great survivors. The Soviet Union may have crumbled, the Berlin Wall fallen and China and Vietnam tu(...)

People attend a pro-government rally in Havana, Cuba, on Sunday. Anti-government protests have taken place over food shortages, high prices and other grievances. Photograph: EPA/Ernesto Mastrascusa

One person has died during demonstrations in Cuba over food shortages, high prices and other grievances against the government. The interior ministry(...)

A man is arrested during a demonstration against the government of President Miguel Díaz-Canel in Arroyo Naranjo Municipality, Havana on Monday. Photograph:  Yamil Lage/AFP via Getty Images

Cuban police are out in force on the country’s streets as the president accuses Cuban Americans of using social media to spur a rare outpouring of pro(...)

Conor Friel

Tell us about yourself, where you’re from and what you studied in college My name is Conor Friel, I’m 28 and originally from Westport Co. Mayo. I stu(...)

 Cuban first secretary of the Communist Party Raúl Castro speaks during the opening session  of the party’s congress, in Havana. Photograph: Ariel Ley Royero/ACN/AFP via Getty Images

Raúl Castro confirmed he was stepping down as leader of the all-powerful Cuban Communist Party at its congress that kicked off on Friday, ending six d(...)

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