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“The ‘Stock Trader’s Almanac’ suggests a failure to stick to the seasonal script can be an indicator further short-term pain is in store – hence the expression, ‘If Santa Claus should fail to call, bears may come to Broad and Wall.’” Photograph: Michael Nagle/Bloomberg

Young children and passionate seasonal investors should avert their eyes now, for the question must be asked: does the Santa Claus rally exist? The C(...)

“Pointing out the insanity surrounding bitcoin invariably catalyses apoplectic reactions from supporters protesting sceptics don’t ‘get it’.” Photograph: Philippe Lopez/AFP/Getty Images

Writing about bitcoin can be a nightmare. By the time you’ve finished a paragraph, the cryptocurrency is likely to have experienced yet another wild p(...)

Prof Robert Shiller: a study has examined the S&P 500’s cyclically-adjusted price-earnings ratio, a widely-followed metric popularised by the Nobel economist.   Photograph: AP Photo/Jessica Hill

A record number of fund managers reckon global equities are overvalued, but they’re still loading up on stocks. Merrill Lynch’s latest monthly fund ma(...)

Despite Ryanair’s history of in-flight scratch cards, alcohol and calendars featuring scantily clad female staff,  Inspire – which invests in “companies that are blessings” – approves of the airline. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Ryanair’s reputation has taken a battering lately. The UK’s Civil Aviation Authority accuses it of “persistently misleading passengers” regarding rece(...)

Traders on the floor of the NYSE, August 31st, 2017. Photograph: Reuters/Brendan McDermid

Are investors losing faith in Europe? The price action might suggest as much. The Stoxx Europe 600 hit six-month lows last week, while Germany’s Dax a(...)

Netflix, Amazon, Exxon Mobil and Goldman Sachs, among other high-profile stocks, have suffered double-digit drops lately

Stock markets may be not too far away from all-time highs, but some high-profile stocks –Amazon, Netflix, Exxon Mobil and Goldman Sachs, among others (...)

Traders work on the floor of the New York stock Exchange:    The Vix, Wall Street’s so-called fear index, is at its lowest levels in quarter of a century. Photograph: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Stocks are making all-time high after all-time high. Any retreats tend to be short-lived affairs, with equities rarely dipping more far from their ele(...)

Hamburg protester’s placard of  President Donald Trump at the G20 Summit:  Seeing as he is so quick to take the credit for a bull  market, will he also take the blame when things eventually sour?  Photograph:  Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images

The global bull market is eight years old and stocks are pricey, but the long rally won’t end any time soon. That’s according to Citibank’s global be(...)

Oil prices have fallen by more than 20 per cent, but don’t start stocking your underground bunker with tinned food just yet. Photograph: iStockphoto

Oil prices fell into official bear market territory last week, having fallen by more than 20 per cent in recent months. Is the end of the world nigh? (...)

New York Stock Exchange: Historically low levels of anxiety have confounded those who assumed an upsurge in volatility was a given in 2017. Photograph: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Donald Trump’s political travails injected some volatility into stock markets recently but 2017 has largely been a very quiet year. Prior to the Trump(...)

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