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Toyota said it would market more than 10 all-electric vehicle (EV) models globally in the early 2020s

Toyota said it would market more than 10 all-electric vehicle (EV) models globally in the early 2020s, a target which could require the firm to look (...)

Akio Toyoda, president of Toyota Motor, and Kazuhiro Tsuga, president of Panasonic, at a joint news conference in Tokyo on December 13th, 2017.  Photograph: Bloomberg

Toyota Motor and Panasonic said on Wednesday they were considering jointly developing batteries for electric vehicles (EVs), a partnership that could (...)

The Renaul Zoe 4.0’s cabin looks quite nice and while the quality of the cabin plastics is pretty flimsy, Renault’s engineers have clearly been hard at work as there was not a single squeak nor rattle from within the car

Range confidence, that’s an idea. As coined by Renault Ireland’s product manager Jeremy Warnock, it’s clearly intended to be the flip side to range an(...)

The Aliso Canyon gas storage facility, the site of a major gas leak in 2015, above the Porter Ranch section of Los Angeles.  Photograph: Coley Brown/The New York Times

In Southern California in 2015, a giant natural gas leak not only caused one of the worst environmental disasters in US history, it also knocked out a(...)

WV is hoping to become a rival for Tesla which has a massive number of orders for its upcoming Model 3 saloon. Photograph: Tomohiro Ohsumi/Bloomberg

Volkswagen is planning to launch more than 20 electric or hybrid vehicles across the group by 2020, ranging from a high-performance Audi crossover and(...)

The lithium-ion polymer battery of a hybrid vehicle: demand for lithium’s use in electric vehicles could grow 11-fold by 2025, says Goldman Sachs. Photograph: Seongjoon Cho/Bloomberg

When Douglas Caster was 13 his father marched him to the Teeside steelworks in the north-east of England where he worked. It was meant as a warning. (...)

Electric cars could go longer between plugs if LG Chem’s technology works.

Electric cars have had more false dawns than a French & Saunders fancy dress contest. We’ve been told, repeatedly, that battery power is the futur(...)

Apple plans a new all-electric car for sale by 2020

Apple, which has been working secretly on a car, is pushing its team to begin production of an electric vehicle as early as 2020. The timeframe - auto(...)

Samsung Electronics has introduced a smartphone with a curved display in a continued effort to set the pace of hardware innovation and maintain its supremacy in a fiercely competitive business. Photograph: Beawiharta/Reuters

Samsung Electronics has launched the world’s first smartphone with a curved display, a variant of the Galaxy Note which moves the Asian giant a step c(...)

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