Wafa Mahmoud Yusif and her son Walid, with a photograph of her elder son, who was killed in the Syrian war. Photograph: Michael Jansen

Homs is buzzing with life and light. The streets seethe with traffic, shops and restaurants are doing brisk business, and lights burn day and night as(...)

Fighters loyal to al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate, Tahrir al-Sham (then known as Jabhat al-Nusra) and its allies smash a statue of the late Syrian president Hafez al-Assad in Idlib in March 2015. Photograph: Sami Ali/AFP/Getty

Jihadists affiliated with al-Qaeda have seized control of most of Syria’s north- western province of Idlib, emerging as the most powerful insurgent fa(...)

A Free Syrian Army fighter holds a walkie-talkie as he sits with a fellow member in al-Manshiyeh neighbourhood in Deraa, Syria. Photograph: Alaa Al-Faqir/Reuters

The Trump administration’s decision to cancel CIA support for insurgents seeking to topple Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, is unlikely to make muc(...)

Armed Syrian fighters evacuated from the embattled Syrian city of Aleppo during the ceasefire arrive at a refugee camp in Rashidin, near Idlib, Syria, before Christmas. Photograph: AP Photo

The Russo-Turkish ceasefire throughout Syria, set to come into force last night, could be a game-changer if implemented, and could lead to political n(...)

Supporters   of the Syrian government celebrate in  Aleppo on Thursday. Photograph: George Ourfalian/AFP/Getty

Syrian families gathered around the tall Christmas tree in Azizeh Square in government-held west Aleppo on Friday, while shivering civilians swathed i(...)

Syrians evacuated from  Shia villages under rebel siege on the  outskirts of Idlib are welcomed by pro-government forces on arrival in Jibrin on the  outskirts of Aleppo on  Monday. Photograph: George Ourfalian/AFP/Getty

The off-and-on evacuation of civilians and fighters from opposition-controlled eastern Aleppo has exposed serious divisions between dominant radical f(...)

An ancient monument in the city of Palmyra, photographed in April 2016 after the Syrian army had regained control of it from Islamic State, and which is now back under the terror group’s control. File photograph: Youssef Badawi/EPA

With control of Aleppo secured, Syria and Russia may now give priority to the recapture of the ancient city of Palmyra, rather than the northwestern p(...)

Iraqi soldiers hold a captured  Islamic State flag   during an  operation near  Mosul. Sunni citizens fear being branded as collaborators by their Shia liberators, as much as they abhor Isis. Photograph: Hadi Mizban/AP

Iraqis and Syrians living under Islamic State and other insurgent groups have stayed on to protect their homes, lands and businesses, often at great (...)

Displaced people in Mosul flee Islamic State on Tuesday. A defeat of the jihadists could trigger conflicts between the forces now attacking it. Photograph: Thaier Al-Sudani/Reuters

Offensives against Islamic State in Mosul in northern Iraq and Raqqa in north-central Syria have sown potentially explosive conflicts between forces b(...)

Syrian Democratic Forces  commanders attend a news conference in Ain Issa, Raqqa Governorate. Photograph: Rodi Said/Reuters

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces coalition has launched a long-awaited offensive to drive Islamic State from its self-proclaimed capital at Raqq(...)

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