Millions of people around the world are   uncomfortable due to their own uncertainty and embarrassment. Photograph: Thinkstock

He ended up sitting beside me following the usual confusion on the train about which seats were reserved and which were free. It’s a pretty clear s(...)

Invisible audiences made up of people who are longer around continue to matter to us as though they were actually there sitting in front of us

Back when I was finishing secondary school, word reached my father’s family that I wanted to be a journalist. My mother told me they had remarked that(...)

Are you a separated father facing your first Christmas away from your children? Or have you been living apart from your children for some years? Eithe(...)

Replaying the bullying scenes drains energy and makes you miserable

Bullying happens in the boardroom, in the open-plan office and on the factory floor. It can have devastating effects on normally well-performing pe(...)

I write a journal called Morning Pages every morning. It’s a jumble of everything from working out the to-do list for the day to figuring out the mean(...)

The Sean Ross Abbey in Roscrea, which was a home from 1930 to 1970. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire

Eighteen years ago, on May 11th, 1996, Padraig O’Morain wrote in this newspaper about a woman he called Eileen, whose baby was taken from her in a mot(...)

It’s an all-too-common scene in the world of relationships. One partner complains that the other doesn’t love them any more, or doesn’t show their lov(...)

As a society, we have become so anxious about raising children – from attempting to safety-proof every conceivable scenario to fretting about maximising their potential – that they can’t but absorb that parental anxiety. Photograph: Thinkstock

Teenagers sitting the State exams next month will tell you a thing or two about stress. But for the majority of them, this is a temporary phase. It is(...)

They greeted each other like long-lost friends. They were young men who had a look about them that made you check if your mobile phone was sti(...)

‘My daughter is dead to me,” or words to that effect, have been spoken by fathers right up to the very recent past when a daughter became pregn(...)

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