Pressures on new students include finding themselves in a new setting without their old schoolfriends. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

As a new academic year looms, many will face it with hope and excitement. For others it may bring anxiety and a scary new world. Researchers from the(...)

Sologamy: a fleeting piece of silliness or  something else?

Is sologamy the ultimate symbol of an individualised culture in the West? Or is it silly? Or is it sad? In case you haven’t been keeping up with the (...)

Controlling behaviour of the kind that destroys relationships can also sometimes destroy lives.

The phenomena of men exercising extreme control over their partners, even to the extent of killing them, arises all the time in news reports here and (...)

When cashiers in the local supermarket are replaced by automation, that’s the future coming straight at you. 

Sometimes when I see young men walking around with their hands in their pockets, in areas of low employment, and obviously unemployed themselves, it s(...)

The emotional distress experienced by young people is, to them, something new with which they need to learn how to deal.That’s why it was so awful that school counselling services were cut in the financial crisis. Photograph: iStock

Many years ago a woman told me of standing on a street and taking a razor blade out of her pocket to cut her arm. She had been hospitalised nearby and(...)

An unmarried father now has automatic guardianship rights so long as the parents lived together for a year and so long at least three months of that year occurred between the birth of the child and his or her 18th birthday. Photograph: iStock

It has taken a long time but the start of the year saw a significant improvement in the rights of co-habiting fathers. The changes – part of the Chi(...)

“As humans, we have a negativity bias – even though more positive than negative things usually happen to us.”

There they are, huddled in a corner of the office, heads close together, talking in low voices. They’re gossiping, of course. And it’s a very safe bet(...)

In the past, news outlets curated what people were exposed to, but now we are constantly bombarded with images and stories about all of the horrible things that are happening in the world.

“I think that news blackouts are okay up to a point, but we do have to be aware of the world,” says mindfulness expert Padraig O’Morain. “We need to (...)

When we look at the fragile mental health of many men we can see that the tough guy is, increasingly, a fiction. Photograph: iStock

Is there such a thing as a real man? I doubt it. Once upon a time, the movie actor John Wayne was seen as the personification of the real man. But thi(...)

It’s close to impossible to get to the end of most to-do lists, so stop trying

‘Not a productive day,” I heard a man moan to two colleagues in a departure lounge. “In fact, not a productive week at all.” He proceeded to moan abo(...)

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