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Anakana Schofield: Every book I read seems to change the way I think about fiction. Sometimes they drive me to despair by indicating how much more we need to demand from our fiction and other times they send me into orbit with the possibilities they reveal

Anakana Schofield is the author of the award-winng debut novel, Malarky, which is out now in paperback, a funny and moving tale of sexual shenaniga(...)

 Christine Buckley. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

‘Hello darkness, my old friend. I’ve come to talk with you again . . .” You’ve been on my mind for four weeks now, like “a vision softly(...)

One of the most significant documentaries ever broadcast on Irish television, Louis Lentin’s Dear Daughter (...)

If you were asked to name the book or books that defined Ireland for you, which would you choose? That’s the challenge UCD academics and bestsellin(...)

Those who insist that history is about movements not individuals might reflect on the achievements of Christine Buckley. Her story is hi(...)

 Christine Buckley at Government Buildings for talks between religous orders and the Government in 2009. Photograph: Collins

Christine Buckley (67), who was one of the first people to speak out publicly about the abuse of children in institutions in Ireland, died at St Vi(...)

Margaret McGuckian (left) and Katie Walmsley

Katie’s mother left her family when she was eight years old. Her father moved the family to his hometown, Derry, where a local priest suggested(...)

Dr Damien Brennan: “There was a harshness and dehumanising aspect that was very much like the Magdalene laundry”

Medical professionals and local communities protecting their economic interests played a major role in the incarceration of tens of thousands of pe(...)

Locked up: in the reception wing of Mountjoy Prison. Photograph: David Sleator/The Irish Times

It’s Monday morning and Dr Conor O’Neill is in a busy district court on the east coast, waiting for one of his patients to be called. Young men are be(...)

In Lagos: Noruwa Oziegbe and her six-year-old triplets, Joshua, Miracle and David, who were born at Waterford Regional Hospital. Photograph: Akinola Ariyo

In a rundown one-bedroom home in Lagos, Nigeria’s biggest city, Funmi Ojomu sifts through remnants of another time and place, papers that unfold an ab(...)

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