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‘There is a growing recognition in practice of the importance of the gut-brain axis as a target for maintaining and improving mental health,’ says Prof Gautam Gulati of the University of Limerick. Photograph: iStock

The sigh of contentment after a pleasant meal confirms a link between food and mood, but research in recent years is uncovering the nature of the rela(...)

Bifidobacterium longum APC1472, it also has huge implications for people with type 2 diabetes, notably in helping to control blood glucose, according research findings published on Friday.  Photograph: iStock

A strain of bacteria identified in UCC has potential to be used as a probiotic to reduce appetite in obese people and to ease “stress eating” associat(...)

The possibility that the microbiome – the range and number of bacteria living in the gut – might help treat mental illness has become a focus of intense research in recent years. Photograph: iStock

Probiotics that broaden the mix of helpful bacteria in the gut may help to ease depression, according to a review of available evidence. It provides (...)

A notable entry in Mary Mulvihill’s Ingenious Ireland: The Coelostat from Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies which provided proof of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Maria Koutoulakis pictured with the Grubb Coelostat and Einstein Lens. Photograph: Mark Steadman

I was late for an appointment with my chiropractor when I spotted the book. It jumped out at me from a prime position on a front-window shelf of a cha(...)

‘Quick! We must get to the board meeting before Loki makes a hostile takeover.’

“You almost need a Marvel superhero to run the bank,” one analyst commented last week after John Flint was suddenly ousted as chief executive of HSBC.(...)

“For the past 20 years, Deutsche has been ruled by investment bankers in London and New York,” said one adviser.

When a dozen police vans pulled up in front of Deutsche Bank’s twin towers on a grey and chilly Frankfurt morning last November, Christian Sewing knew(...)

Deutshce has undergone a string of overhauls, culminating with the announcement on Sunday that it will cut 18,000 jobs in a historic retrenchment from investment banking activities.

Deutsche Bank is coming under fire for the lavish golden parachutes it has paid out to top executives who left during a period of management turmoil o(...)

There is growing evidence microbes in the gut can play a key role in regulating brain functions, particularly emotional processing and behaviour.

Researchers based at UCC have shown “a prebiotic” compound found in fruits and vegetables promotes growth of beneficial microbes in the gut and may pr(...)

In 2014, John Cryan, a professor at University College Cork in Ireland, attended a meeting in California about Alzheimer’s. He was not an expert on d(...)

For much of the last decade, German politicians and bankers have been doing the rounds of European capitals, wagging their fingers at their euro zone (...)

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