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Friedrich Hayek’s views on the Great Depression didn’t get much intellectual traction at the time. His fame came with the publication of his 1944 political tract The Road to Serfdom.

Remember Austrian economics? In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, a number of conservatives rejected Keynesian economic prescriptions and cl(...)

Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman used the phrase ‘leprechaun economics’ to describe Ireland’s tax policies relating to multinationals in his column with the New York Times. File photograph: Jason Clarke

Irish Ambassador to the United States Daniel Mulhall has described the use of the word “leprechaun” by a Nobel Prize-winning economist as an “unaccept(...)

Apple must declare where it makes its money – and what it does, naturally, is claim its profits accrue to subsidiaries in countries with low tax rates on those profits, Ireland in particular.

Over the weekend, largely at the urging of Janet Yellen, the US treasury secretary, finance ministers from the Group of 7 – the major advanced economi(...)

You can be sceptical regarding the claims of bitcoin’s fervent believers, but at this stage it may be wise to give up ‘predicting imminent demise’. Photograph: Nicolas Tucat/AFP

Everyone knows bitcoin is a volatile beast, even if last week’s price action was especially crazed. Bitcoin plunged 30 per cent to $30,000 in early t(...)

Transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg at a press briefing  on Friday said  the new infrastructure plan would create ‘millions of good jobs for communities across the country’. Photograh: Andrew Harnik/ AP

US transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg defended the Biden administration’s plan to use changes to the corporate tax system to fund a multi-trillio(...)

Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus plan is a vital support, or risks setting off inflation and eventually higher interest rates. Photograph: Getty

In the midst of a pandemic it may seem a ridiculous question. But financial markets are starting to ask whether, as we emerge from the pandemic, infla(...)

US president Joe Biden is taking to heart the advice of his new treasury secretary, Janet Yellen, “to go large”. Photograph: Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA/Bloomberg

A remarkable and radical economic experiment is about to be conducted in the US. Almost unnoticed on this side of the Atlantic, Joe Biden is winding(...)

“Today’s energy revolution is green but will also lead to much cheaper electricity prices. In turn, that should boost productivity growth.”

All things considered, it would be easy to think that the future is bleak. Our tendency to use the recent past and present circumstances as the main b(...)

President Donald Trump holds a campaign rally at Erie International Airport, Pennsylvania. Photgraph:Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

With 13 days to go until election day, I’m in North Carolina, a crucial battleground state where Donald Trump and Joe Biden are tied, according to lat(...)

The European Commission has come up with a plan totalling €750 billion – how much of this will the Republic get? Photograph: iStock

In the 1980s and 1990s the taoiseach of the day would return from Brussels talking about the billions we were going to get in funding. Now we are in t(...)

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