A Virgin and child carving over the door of the former Magdalene laundry on Gloucester Street in  Dublin. File photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times.

A healthcare package offered under a government compensation scheme to women who spent time in Magdalene laundries was “essentially nothing more than”(...)

 Magdalene survivors Breda Duffy and Martha Osmond, who were together in the Limerick Magdalene laundry. Photograph: Paul Sherwood

Hundreds of Magdalene women from Ireland, including those who have been living abroad, are taking part in an historic two-day event in Dublin on Tuesd(...)

Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan will tell fellow ministers on Tuesday his officials plan to implement the recommendations of a highly critical report by the Ombudsman on the issue last November. Photgraph: Cyril Byrne

Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan is bring to Cabinet proposals for broader access to the Magdalene redress scheme. Mr Flanagan will tell fellow (...)

Grace Dyas at the Magdalene laundry site on Railway Street in north inner city Dublin. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

I am digging here to find my baby. I am digging to find out the truth. But the sad thing is, as soon as I find out the truth, I will bury it again. So(...)

Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon: said Google has had more than 4,000 “right to be forgotten” requests since 2014 ruling by the European Court of Justice.Photograph: Cyril Byrne

A key witness to a recent and long-standing tribunal tried unsuccessfully to avail of the “right to be forgotten” rule in relation to Google searches(...)

“When criminal offences are framed around human characteristics such as ‘intention’ or ‘dishonesty’, it can be difficult to pinpoint a company’s responsibility, as opposed to that of a director or employee.” Photograph: Frank Miller/The Irish Times

The financial crisis which we have just endured may have been the worst in our history. It had a number of causes, including questionable and probably(...)

The reform commission recommends that only courts should be allowed to issue search warrants. Photograph: Frank Miller

“Dawn raids” should be restricted, gardaí should no longer be allowed issue search warrants, and High Court judges should be able to permit warrants (...)

The Law Reform Commission has recommended new legislation on insurance contracts. File photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

New consumer legislation designed to remove “vicious devices and traps for the unwary” from insurance contracts has been recommended by the Law Reform(...)

Women who worked in the Magdalene laundries and remain resident in Ireland will get a medical card and other supports including home help, counselling and physiotherapy services free of charge from July 1st when the Redress for Women Who Were Resident in Certain Institutions Act comes into force.

Women who worked in the Magdalene laundries and remain resident in Ireland will get a medical card and other supports including home help, counselling(...)

The provision of a Health Amendment Act (HAA) 1996 Card was recommended by Mr Justice John Quirke, who prepared a compensation scheme for the Magdalene  women.  Photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times.

Oireachtas members have been called on to ensure that the Government amends a redress Bill to give Magdalene survivors a healthcare package. The provi(...)

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