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Even if credit is readily available, don’t seek it out unless it’s absolutely necessary

With third-level students starting back at college right across the State, we take a look at what students – and their parents – need to know about th(...)

While you’re out of the country, age loadings may still apply on your return to Ireland if you cancel your domestic cover while you’re away. Photograph: iStock

Q:  I’m emigrating to Canada for work next month. I am keeping an open mind about how long I will stay, but it will be at least for a year or tw(...)

Car insurers typically won’t take into consideration claims-free bonuses earned in countries other than Ireland.

If you’re one of the thousands of emigrants touching back down on home soil this Christmas, you may be wondering if next year the festive season will (...)

John O’Dwyer,  chief executive of VHI. File photograph: Aidan Crawley.

The VHI is to cut the cost of some of its health insurance policies but the reductions will be as little as 1 per cent on some of its once most popula(...)

The  VHI Swiftcare centre at Dundum, Dublin. The VHI has decided to restrict use of its  clinics to its own members

It was convenient while it lasted, but families across the State will only have limited access to VHI Swiftcare clinics from September. Operating in D(...)

 Irish healthcare providers are not  obliged to recognise health insurance cover held abroad. Photograph: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

Q: Bretton, United States I have lived in the US since November 2014 with full health insurance cover from day one. Upon my return to Ireland, will I(...)

As many as 400,000 health insurance policies will come up for renewal this month. Check out and to see if you can save money in 2017. Photograph: Lynne Cameron/PA

Have you had the same health insurance policy for the last three years? You have? Then you are wasting money. End of story. How much you are wasting(...)

Ivan Yates with his wife, Deirdre: Rumours of  his departure for Wales were exaggerated.

It was the year of Brexit, the Panama papers and Ivan Yates leaving Newstalk. But our number one most-read is not one of these. Nor is it the perenni(...)

Health insurance: If you’ve been on the same plan for two years, try not to let it just roll over. Many are  overpaying by 10-20 per cent for their cover.

If you are one of the 400,000 or so Irish consumers due to receive a renewal letter for your private health insurance in January, acting now to “revie(...)

Even the experts can get it wrong

Regrets? We’ve all had a few: that savings account we never got around to starting; those Apple shares we wish we bought; that pension we should have(...)

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