Fire fighters at the scene of the fire at the  Oxigen recycling plant at the Merrywell Industrial Estate in Ballymount, Dublin. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish Times

The potential health effects of smoke plumes from the ongoing fire at the Oxigen recycling plant in Dublin were mitigated by high winds dispersing the(...)

Gerry Adams said Ms Kerin’s refusal to declare her pay “and a general lack of transparency” should be addressed.Photograph: Alan Betson

The Irish Cancer Society has disclosed it lost money on running lotteries over a five-year period, but continued running them because it was in receip(...)

Rehab, Beech Road, Sandymount, Dublin. The group has received more than €250 million in public funds from State agencies over the past five yearsPhotograph: Brenda Fitzsimons/The Irish Times

MARTIN WALLRehab has received more than €250 million in public funds from State agencies over the past five years, but has declined to reveal how muc(...)

Safefood suggests lunch boxes contain two portions from the cereals and bread group, one portion from the meat or ‘meat alternative group’, one portion of dairy and at least one portion of fruit or vegetable. Photograph:Getty Images

As busy parents know, the need to plan a healthy, nutritious and inspiring lunch box each day can take some planning. Add to that the question of alle(...)

The Asthma coach app from Asthma Society of Ireland allows you to record your symptoms and keep details about your peak flow measurements
Get the app to help your asthma
  • Health
  • October 1, 2013, 01:00

Do you have asthma? Then if you haven’t already downloaded the Asthma Coach app from the Asthma Society of Ireland, why not give it a whirl?The free a(...)

This summer’s heatwave has caused problems for asthma sufferers and others with chronic respiratory problems caused by high pollen counts. Singing (...)

While asthma is recognised as a common condition, it is not generally regarded as a dangerous one. So when you hear of someone with asthma dying sudde(...)

More than 114,000 students  will take part  in the Leaving and Junior Certs  this year. Photograph: Eric Luke

More than three million exam papers were distributed over the bank holiday weekend and delivered to 4,800 superintendents ahead of the written Leaving(...)

Asthma experts have called for the introduction of a drug which has just been approved for treatment in the severest cases of (...)

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