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The Samuel Beckett Bridge over the River Liffey, Dublin, was closed to facilitate the filming of a music video for an up and coming band called Summer Nights, apparently. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons/The Irish Times

The company behind a major film production which saw the Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin closed for almost 24 hours on Sunday has claimed it was makin(...)

Artisan croissants: terms like ‘artisan’ commonly used on the packaging of mass-produced products 
in order
to create false impressions. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

The difficulties artisan and specialist food producers have differentiating themselves from mass producers who use such terms as “homemade”, “farm fr(...)

 Samuel Beckett Bridge: While some sources suggested that the band was behind the bridge’s closure, others said it had been closed because an ad was being filmed there for either a popular brand of chocolate or a somewhat well known stout. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

The reason Dublin’s Samuel Beckett Bridge was closed to all traffic yesterday remained unclear last night, with both Dublin City Council and Garda so(...)

Consumers are advised to be wary of designer clothes advertised at vastly reduced prices and to pay using a secure method such as a credit card

Rogue traders are selling counterfeit or poorly made clothes online.As the debs season gets under way, the European Consumer Centre has urged caution (...)

The speed at which milk has started to sour in fridges this summer has become a social media discussion point, with people complaining of dairy products going bad before their use-by dates.

The speed at which milk has started to sour in fridges this summer has become a social media discussion point, with people complaining of dairy produc(...)

 Julian Gough: In return for a pledge of $1 or more, donors were offered a PDF of his as-yet-unpublished short story Harvest, which was shortlisted for the €15,000 Davy Byrnes award earlier this year. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

Berlin-based Irish novelist Julian Gough raised more than $2,000 (€1,500) from fans in just a few hours yesterday through an online project he hopes (...)

James O’Halloran of Adam’s Auctioneers valuing the objects that were purchased as part of our Five Go on a Treasure Hunt series. Photograph: Alan Betson

You have finally got around to clearing the attic. While leafing through yellowing copies of An Claidheamh Soluis and The Illustrated London News s(...)

People with water meters installed will be charged €4.88 for every 1,000 litres of water used, but will have their bills capped  for six months.

A charge of half a cent for every litre of domestic water used will see water in Ireland becoming dearer than in most European countries. It will also(...)

Research identifies key factors that affect the timing of a person’s decision to move out of their parents’ home

As many as 20,000 more people in their 20s and 30s moved out of their parents’ homes in 2011 compared to 2006 because the fall in rents caused by the (...)

Eamon Timmins of Age Action Ireland: “We need clarity and we need transparency as to the price of medications and that appears to be still lacking.”

The Government needs to explain why enormous differentials still exist in the price of commonly used prescription drugs between the Republic and the(...)

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